Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Google's Covert Role in Geopolitics

While it appears that the civil war in Syria is finally winding down, it is quite apparent that Washington and the military-industrial-Congressional complex most definitely did not get the result that it had hoped for; the removal of Bashar al-Assad and the end of the Assad family regime.  Looking back and with thanks to Google and WikiLeaks, we can the see the lengths that the "Deep State" which includes America's technology sector was willing to take to help the Obama Administration and, in particular, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, achieve one of its/her key goals in the Middle East.

Now that we have a clear understanding of why the uprising in Syria was so important (i.e. Israel needed it to assure its nuclear primacy in the region), as promised, here is one of Hillary Clinton's emails dated August 3, 2012 which clearly shows us how Google was willing to help the Secretary achieve her goals in Syria:

The original email was from Jared Cohen, then a director at Google Ideas and now CEO at Jigsaw, the renamed Google Ideas.  Here is his entire resume from the Council on Foreign Relations website where he is touted as one of the great "global thinkers" whatever that might be:

Mr. Cohen was one of the very few members of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's Policy Planning Staff that remained when Hillary Clinton took over in 2009 under the Obama Administration.  He left this position on September 2, 2010, taking a position with the Council on Foreign Relations and was also hired as the first director of Google Ideas (aka Jigsaw) in October 2010.  For those of you who are not aware of Jigsaw, it is a technology incubator that was created by Google with the mantra that it is using its capabilities to build "tools to make the world safer".

The aforementioned email by Mr. Cohen's to the Deputy Secretary of the State Department William Burns briefly outlines how Google in partnership with Al Jazeera was working on a tool that would help the United States track the Syrian conflict, particularly, defections from the Assad regime, which would give Washington an insider's viewpoint of how the civil war was progressing.  

Google/Jigsaw is quite proud of this achievement, touting it on their " Projects - Made possible by Jigsaw" webpage as shown here:

Here is a screen capture from Al Jazeera showing that this tool was, at best, only modestly successful since it only tracked a total of 103 individuals in total:

As we now know, these defections were really not that important in the grand scheme of the 7 year-long civil war except that the "opposition" mentioned by Mr. Cohen in his email is al-Qaeda.   It is also important to remember that Al Jazeera is a state-funded broadcaster in Qatar and that Qatar has delivered significant quantities of arms to anti-Assad rebel groups since April 2012 as well as making payments to defectors from the Syrian army as you can read here.

Mr. Cohen has a long track record of geopolitical maneuvering in the Middle East.  Here is an email from Stratfor in February 2011 outlining Mr. Cohen's involvement in the Iranian uprising of 2009 when he persuaded Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey to postpone the scheduled maintenance on the twitter platform because it could quash the viral spread of protests in Tehran during the Green Revolution:

According to Fast Company, Cohen's actions violated the Obama Administration's policy of non-interference, prompting President Obama to as "Who is Jared Cohen and why haven't we fired him yet?"

Here is another email discussing Mr. Cohen's involvement in Palestine:

In this email, Fred Burton questions whether Google's "billionaire owners" are backing Cohen's efforts for "regime change" and notes that the company's "lefty billionaire owners think that they can change the world".

Lastly, here is another Stratfor email from February 2011 further discussing Google's covert role in Middle East geopolitics, in particular foaming (fomenting) uprisings and meetings with Iranians as part of a Google Ideas projects on repressive societies:

What should concern all of us is Mr. Cohen's (and by extension, Google's) involvement in the melding of diplomacy and technology.  The involvement of Google in world politics is just part of the growing techno-tyrant movement where the billionaires that control Silicon Valley are taking a leading position on telling us what we should and should not believe and forcing their globalist agenda on the world.

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