Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Cold Water Showers and the Solution to Global Climate Change

With the global ruling class deciding how the useless eaters should reduce their carbon footprint at the recent COP26 meeting in Glasgow, a recent tweet from the World Economic Forum, our overlords who have every possible climate contingency covered, is particularly interesting given one key aspect of the meeting.


Here is the WEF's tweet:


The most shocking thing about this tweet is that there were 441 "people/bots" who "liked" the tweet.


Thanks to the WEF, we also have a discussion about the use of cold showers written by the rather unfortunately named (given the subject at hand) Lindsay Bottoms as shown here:



According to Dr. Bottoms, here is a list of advantages to taking cold showers:


1.) A large study from the Netherlands showed that people who took a cold shower were less likely to take time off work due to sickness.

2.) Another study found that being immersed in cold water three times a week, for six weeks, gave a slight boost to their immune system.

3.) Cold water also appears to activate the sympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that governs the fight-or-flight response.

4.) It could also help boost brain function, and fight off depression.

Now, if you happen to believe that the WEF cares about the health of the weed- and insect-eating mass of humanity, you might want to think again.

Here is more background on the use of therapeutic cold showers:


"Cold showers were first administered for health reasons in the early 19th century when doctors designed them for use on asylum and prison inmates to “cool hot, inflamed brains, and to instil fear to tame impetuous wills”.


By the mid-19th century, the Victorians realised that the shower had other uses, namely washing people – and it would be better if the water was warm. So the shower went from being a device used to inflict unpleasantness for an hour and a half to one that was very pleasant and lasted about five minutes.


And yet the practice of taking a cold shower for health benefits never truly went away, and, indeed, seems to be enjoying a resurgence. Especially among Silicon Valley types."


Certainly, if the technocrats of "Silicon Valley" have deemed this practice to be healthy, the rest of us simply must follow their lead!  The author also forgets to mention that leeches were (and still are) also used as a health measure and the modern practice of using anesthetic during surgeries didn't begin until the mid-1840s because physicians believed that pain had healing properties.  But, then again, we should count ourselves lucky that these practices do not involve changing the world's climate or the WEF would find some reason to ban their use.


Here's more from Dr. Bottoms on why cold showers are such a marvellous idea with my bolds throughout:


"The reason a blast of cold water might stop people from getting ill is not clear, but some research suggests it may have something to do with boosting the immune system. A study from the Czech Republic showed that when “athletic young men” were immersed in cold water three times a week for six weeks, it gave a slight boost to their immune system. However, more and larger studies are needed to confirm these findings.


Cold water also appears to activate the sympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that governs the fight-or-flight’ response (an automatic physiological reaction to an event that is perceived as dangerous, stressful or frightening). When this is activated, such as during a cold shower, you get an increase in the hormone noradrenaline. This is what most likely causes the increase in heart rate and blood pressure observed when people are immersed in cold water, and is linked to the suggested health improvements.


Cold water immersion has also been shown to improve circulation. When exposed to cold water, there is decreased blood flow to the skin. When the cold water stops, the body has to warm itself up, so there is an increase in blood flow to the surface of the skin. Some scientists think that this could improve circulation. A study that looked at cold-water immersion after exercise found that, after four weeks, blood flow to and from muscles had improved.


There is also some evidence that a cold shower can help you lose weight. A study found that cold-water immersion at 14 increased metabolism by 350%. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy, so a higher metabolism roughly equals more energy burned.


Aside from the physical benefits, cold showers could have mental health benefits too. There is a school of thought that cold water immersion causes increased mental alertness due to the stimulation of the previously mentioned fight-or-flight response. In older adults, cold water applied to the face and neck has been shown to improve brain function."


Throughout the article, you will notice the repeated use of conditional statements like "may also help", "fair amount of evidence", "some evidence", "could have". "appears to", "slight boost" and "might stop which I have highlighted for you.


Unfortunately for the ruling class who wants to control all of the hot water and now that there is evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines can have a negative impact on heart health, particularly for young men, there is one good reason to avoid the use of cold showers as a medical treatment:


"But before you start turning the cold tap on towards the end of your shower, you should know that there are some risks to a cold shower. Because a sudden gush of cold water shocks the body, it can be dangerous for people with heart disease and could precipitate a heart attack or heart-rhythm irregularities".


In case you cared, here is an overview of Dr. Bottom's life experiences:


...and here is more on her research interests, none of which seem to include cold water showering:


We are being told by the powers that want to be that we are in the final gasps of a global climate emergency and that unless we take actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions NOW, we will be subjected to a meagre existence in an unliveable hellscape.  Cold showers would certainly appear to be one amazing way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, when we, the organ donor class, are are all living in our overcrowded shipping crates, we may be thankful for the opportunity to clean our filthy bodies with water of any temperature.  After all, we have to cut our ecological footprint to zero for this key reason:


How could any thinking and considerate human believe that it's acceptable for the ruling class to fly commercially or, God forbid, use virtual meeting technology like the vast majority of the world?  

Ain't gonna happen.  Think about that when you are shivering in your "healthy" cold water shower.


  1. No to forget he benefit of cold showers to depress the desire for masturbation. What a bonus, to prevent deterioration of the spinal column and save healthcare costs

  2. It will also suppress the possibility of blindness linked to "Rosie Palm and her five magical daughters".