Monday, March 26, 2012

Canada's NDP MPs and Their Hair

What is it with NDP MPs and their hair?

Here's a look at two Opposition MPs styling their hair while House of Commons business goes on around them:

That's Djaouida Sellah, MP for Saint-Bruno - Saint Hubert in Quebec styling her coiffure while the business of the nation goes on uninterrupted.

Here's the second offender:

That's Quebec NDP MP Jonathan Genest-Jourdain who represents the people Manicouagan....and his hairstylist.

Let's hope that this is something that the NDP's new leader, Thomas Mulcair, will put an end to.

Some MPs are now complaining that they don't know when the cameras in the House are actually focused on them.  Hey people, you're getting paid a minimum of $157,731 to actually spend a bit of your life representing the people who took the time to mark an "X" beside your name.  For most of you, this is far more than what you made while working in the "real world".  

Canada's MPs spend precious little time actually debating the legislation that will impact Canada for generations to come; the least that they could do is actually listen to what is being said when their fellow Members have the floor.   After all, that's just common courtesy, something that seems to be in short supply in the House of Commons.  Perhaps they all need to go back to Kindergarten and learn life's important lessons all over again.


  1. Nothing can be worse than the many photos of Rob Anders' head bobbing in Parliament.... and then again at the military meetings... and his insulting words to our men who served our country well.

  2. Absolutely true. That said, it is no wonder that Canadians have little or no respect for those we elect.

  3. This is a great posting I have read. I like your article.

  4. So, I take your point (about MPs being paid a lot to look after the country's business). However it is a catty and certainly ad hominem comment.

    If you've actually seen through much of the business of the House (or even read Hansard) you know that much of the stuff is very tedious. I used to work in a tech company and there were many occasions when it would have been embarrassing to have cameras on during meetings for a number of sleepy people.

    So let's have more content and less meiow. Your blog is excellent otherwise.

  5. Really it looked like he was looking down not sleeping...if you want to bitch about something how about Toews not even reading the bill that he is trying to push down our throats!