Monday, January 31, 2022

Project for Good Information and the Disinformation Era

It is clear that we are living in a post-truth era where veracity is in the eye of the groups responsible for ensuring that we are not exposed to disinformation.  As I have posted in the past, the various organizations that have been brought to life to prevent the spread of so-called fake news all have their own agendas and filter the truth through the eyes of their financial backers.  In this posting, we'll look at another group that is receiving funding from one of the world's wealthiest, liberal individuals.


Project for Good Information aka PGI was founded by 35-year-old Tara McGowan, a Democratic strategist in 2021.  Good Information Inc., it's "subsidiary" was formed for the purpose of investing in local news companies to provide the world with "fact-based information".  McGowan was the former head and co-founder of ACRONYM, a Washington-based non-profit which is "committed to building power and digital infrastructure for the progressive movement".  It was founded in 2017 and, since then, has run dozens of targeted media programs to "educate, inspire, register and mobilize voters", obviously of the Democratic bent.  In 2018, ACRONYM and its affiliated PAC, PACRONYM helped to elect progressive (Democratic since they are the only progressive people in the United States) candidates across the United States.  In 2020, PACRONYM ran one of the largest digital campaigns to defeat Donald Trump, spending nearly $100 million to persuade swing state voters as shown here:


...and here:


In 2019, ACRONYM launched Courier Newsroom, a for-profit online digital news property with the following aim:


"The media ecosystem in our country has changed and has led to rampant disinformation that has influenced millions of people, causing widespread distrust in our democratic institutions, in the facts — and in each other. 


Without trust, America’s future is under threat, including the ability to build a country, a government, and a society that works for everyone. 


Courier Newsroom is a civic media company that protects and strengthens our democracy through credible, fact-based journalism that seeks to create a more informed, engaged, and representative America. Under the direction of Courier Newsroom’s executive leadership team, our eight local newsrooms provide the communities we serve—including the people who live in information silos—with news centered on the people and policies affecting their lives. Our reporting is produced for the social media platforms and online channels our audiences spend their time on, with an emphasis on video, graphics, and skimmable newsletters to inform and engage our audiences in the ways they consume information today.


Here are their values:


1.) Our reporting will be rooted in facts, science, and the communities our newsrooms serve.

2.) We will strive to tell the truth and will tell you when we get it wrong, because we believe that good information is the lifeblood of democracy, and that democracy will fail when factual journalism is out of reach. 

3.) We will be intentional about centering the voices of the people in our communities, using our platforms to amplify their experiences and opinions, especially those who are most impacted by the issues being decided in their statehouses and in Washington. 

4.) As a civic news organization, our journalists will focus their reporting around efforts to strengthen communities, rebuild struggling economies, expand access to health care and child care, address the climate crisis, and reduce inequality in all forms—and covering the leaders championing those efforts.  We will be relentless in our coverage of attempts or actions to undermine democratic institutions, especially voting rights, and ballot access, and we will make a special effort to report on public actors who are advancing those efforts.

5.) We will never manufacture “both sides” to our stories, giving equal weight to conspiracy theories or junk science. We will always provide proper context in our reporting to help ensure we don’t continue the spread of misinformation or disinformation.

6.) We will be committed to holding accountable elected officials or politicians who betray our values, cause harm, or seek to cause harm to the communities we serve. 

7.) We will not use political jargon; instead, we will work to break down inaccessible political language for our audiences.

8.) We will publish our work where our audiences are: When they move to new platforms or technologies, our brands and journalists will follow.

9.) We will prioritize hiring and contracting reporters, editors, and producers who live in the communities we serve, and we will remain committed to staffing our teams and sourcing our stories with the people who reflect the diverse and inclusive country in which we reside.


Here is the team behind Courier Newsroom:


It's pretty obvious from this background that, given McGowan's history with Courier Newsroom that the Project for Good Information is leaning hard to the left side of the political theatre that is Washington.  Interestingly, Courier Newsroom found itself the target of a complaint to the FEC over its violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act as shown here:

...largely because its activities were seen to be more like a Political Action Committee (PAC) than a media outlet, acting as an informal arm of the Democratic Party.


Let's go back to Project for Good Information.  According to information seen by VOX, this new entity consists of two separate entities: 


1.) a 501(c)(3) public foundation called the Good Information Project which exists to grant funding to nonprofit media companies although, according to AXIOS, McGowan denies the formation of a non-profit arm.


2.) a public benefit or B Corp called Good Information Inc. which will invest in for-profit media companies.


As part of the new deal, Good Information Inc. has acquired Courier Newsroom and For What It's Worth or FWIW, .  PGI plans to raise a total of $65 million with $35 million going to the B Corp, $25 million for the 501(c)(3) and $5 million dedicated to a two-year operating budget accordant to a promotional memo seen by Vox.


To close, here is a screen capture from Influence Watch with background on Project for Good Information:


And, last but not least, according to Politico and Axios, two of PGI's backers are billionaire Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and none other than George Soros, billionaire "philanthropist" who describes himself as an "international supporter of democratic ideals and causes".


Given McGowan's history and political bias and the political bent of two of her financial backers as I noted above, if it's good information that you're looking for, then perhaps you'd better look elsewhere.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Canada's Freedom Convoy and Justin Trudeau's Evolving Narrative

Rather surprisingly to many Canadians, the truckers' Freedom Convoy protest over the COVID-19 vaccine mandates has received significant international media coverage, particularly in the non-mainstream media.  Given that Canada's domestic media is giving the protest only marginal coverage despite the large turnout of both truckers and the general public, the coverage beyond Canada's borders is providing significant hope to Canadians who are fed up with the Trudeau government's ever-evolving response, particularly given that nations like the United Kingdom and Denmark (among others) are rolling back their restrictions.

With Justin Trudeau now on yet another holiday, claiming that he has to self isolate for five days because he was exposed to COVID-19 and tested negative even though the rules don't say that as shown here: appears that he is doing whatever he can to avoid any contact with the protestors, preferring to disparage them from a distance.  That said, you have to admit that it is awfully cute that he thinks that he's "working".  

Once again, Canadians have seen Trudeau flip-flop on yet another pandemic-related issue, just as he did when he first promised that Canadians would not be subject to vaccine passports.  Let's look at a prime example of how he seems incapable of maintaining a consistent narrative.  Here's what he tweeted on March, 2020 regarding the brave Canadian truckers who have kept Canadians supplied during the pandemic:

And, here he is on January 27, 2022, not even two years later, making certain that Canadians understand that the Freedom Convoy protestors/truckers are a "small fringe minority":

This is what happens when you elect a fecking idiot who received only 32.62 percent of the votes cast in the September 2020 election and that only 20.3 percent of eligible voters took the time to vote for Justin Trudeau's party.  Now that's what you call a minority.

And, just for fun, here is a picture taken during Trudeau's remarks with his puppet master located on the left side of the picture:

It's an amazing feat of science that you can't even see the strings connecting the two of them!

Despite that fact that it is very clear that the COVID-19 vaccines are failing to prevent cases or transmission, Justin insists that Canadians must follow the "science" and get vaccinated.  I wonder if Chrystia Freeland told him to say that or did he get his orders straight from Klaus Schwab?

And Justin, no one should accept the galling idea that you are the ultimate judge of what is an acceptable view and what is not an acceptable view.  That's NOT your privilege.

And hear I thought that Canada was a democracy.  My bad.

Canada - A Primer For How the World Economic Forum Infiltrates Governments

It's becoming increasingly apparent that the World Economic Forum, the purveyor and promoter of our dystopic future, has its hands in governments around the world most often through its programs of so-called "young leadership".  One of these programs, the Forum of Young Global Leaders or YGL, was founded by Klaus Schwab in 2004 and now includes over 1400 people from 120 nationalities.  


From the YGL website, we find this under "Who We Are":


"The Young Global Leaders Community is an accelerator for a dynamic community of exceptional people with the vision, courage, and influence to drive positive change in the world. 


Our growing membership of more than 1,400 members and alumni of 120 nationalities includes civic and business innovators, entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, educators, activists, artists, journalists, and more. 


Aligned with the World Economic Forum’s mission, we seek to drive public-private co-operation in the global public interest. We are united by the belief that today’s pressing problems present an opportunity to build a better future across sectors and boundaries."


...and this:


"The Forum of Young Global Leaders accelerates the impact of a diverse community of responsible leaders across borders and sectors to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future."


Here are their so-called "principles" which are quite interesting given that the parent organization is made up of the world's wealthiest oligarchs:


Here is how the nomination process works noting that candidates must be 38 years of age or younger:


Here are the Board Members of YGL noting that Nicole Schwab is Klaus Schwab's daughter because, after all, you have to keep the power in the family:


Obviously, the World Economic Forum's leadership anoints these individuals as future leaders in business and politics and using Schwab's contacts around the world, there is little doubt that this group of younger human beings have access to the halls of power that are opened only to a very, very, very small percentage of people.


That said, it is interesting to note the Young Global Leaders alumni includes a significant number of today's politicians including:


With that background, let's look at a key revelation from Klaus Schwab.  In October 2017, he delivered the 2017 Malcolm H. Wiener Lecture on International Political Economy held at the Harvard Kennedy School as shown here:


Schwab's musings were preceded by a performance by cellist Yo-Yo Ma who just happens to be a member of the ultra-exclusive WEF Board of Trustees as shown here:


Here is a link to the video on YouTube.  Don't worry, you don't have to watch the entire video but if you go to the 1 hour and 8 minute mark, you will find the most interesting part of the exchange:



Here is a transcript of his key comments after being thanked for how he has "...devoted his life to make the world a better place" and how he has been a part of bringing the Young Global Leaders to Harvard.  He was to tell the audience about the two nations in which the Young Global Leaders have emerged, playing  an important role in terms of governance:


"Actually, this notion to integrate young leaders (cough)  is part of the World Economic Forum since many years.  I have to say when I mention our names like Mrs. Merkel even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.  But, what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on that we penetrate the cabinets.  So, yesterday, I was at the reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of this cabinet or even more than half of this cabinet are for our...actually our Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum."


...The story in Argentina and so in France now with the President was a Young Global Leader but what is important for me is that those Young Global Leaders have an opportunity to come here you have established a course now since several years and I think it has this cooperation has a tremendous impact because being here for a week really creates a strong community.  In addition to the Young Global Leaders, we have now the Global Shapers in 450 cities around the world....What is astonishing is to see how those young people really have a different mindset and I have great admiration because when I have a group of Global Shapers in the room and I ask them "Are you thinking in global terms or in national terms", the majority would say in global terms.  If I ask them "What is more important for you, to make money or serve society, more, certainly, than 80 percent would raise their hand and say serving society."

Canada - you are at the forefront of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, whether you like it or not.  even if Klaus is exaggerating the reality of Canada's federal cabinet, the very thought that he is proud that he has been able to infiltrate nations at the highest levels is absolutely frightening, not to mention extremely infuriating. 


Now, since Klaus proudly brought up the subject of the WEF's infiltration of Canada's parliament, let's look at one of the key members of the Trudeau government and her link to the World Economic Forum:


Freeland was also a Young Global Leader.


Now, she's this:

As Canada's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, she is the second-most powerful politician in Canada and, while it is just speculation, pundits believe that she will be seeking the position as Liberal Party leader once Justin takes his leave. Freeland is the first Deputy Prime Minister since 2006 and is only the tenth person to hold that position in Canadian parliamentary history.  During the pandemic, she was the main public face of the Trudeau government's response while Justin Trudeau spent his days at Rideau Cottage, holding daily remote press conferences. 


This begs the question; where do Freeland's loyalties lie?  To her World Economic Forum masters or to Canadian voters?  My suspicion is that she is a conduit for Schwab's world views and, like her YGL peers in other nations, is promoting a narrative that will ultimately lead to a digital identification which will result in even more government control over Canadians.


While this is just one example of the political power of Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum, from the totalitarian responses to the pandemic from nations like Canada, New Zealand and France (among others), we can pretty much assure ourselves that the WEF affiliates known as Young Global Leaders in these governments are focussed on delivering Klaus Schwab's dystoptic version of the technocentric, transhumanist future of the Great Reset.  After all, they are beholden to him for granting them the position and privileges that are part of being a Young Global Leader. 

This does make me have to question one thing; how are people like Chrystia Freeland, her family and her Young Global Leaders going to feel about "owning nothing" in 2030?


After I posted this, I thought that I should add two more Canadian politicians to the list for completeness:

1.) Jagmeet Singh: Leader of the Opposition New Democratic Party (the third party in Parliament:

2.) Michelle Rempel Garner: Long-serving and influential Member of Parliament as a Conservative Party of Canada member in both the Opposition and as a Minister in the Stephen Harper government:

So, should Canadian voters happen to think that if they avoid voting for the Liberals that they will avoid the World Economic Forum's influence in Canada's Parliament, perhaps they need to rethink that idea.  

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Is there a link between mRNA vaccines and Cardiac Events?

Let's open this posting with some background information.  Since it is important to help put this information into context, let's look at the PULS Cardiac Test as shown here:


PULS (Protein Unstable Lesion Signature) is a blood test that is used to measure protein biomarkers that measure the body's immune system response to arterial injuries.  Unstable lesions begin to form when damaged lipids bind to the interior surface of an artery, resulting in injury to that part of the artery.  It is these injuries that form on the walls of the bodies arteries which lead to the progressive formation of cardiac lesions which can rupture and lead to a cardiac event.  

Here is a graphic showing a healthy arterial wall in comparison to an arterial wall with a lesion:


The PULS Cardiac Test is a serum blood test which identifies those asymptomatic patients which are at risk for Acute Coronary Syndrome (i.e. heart attacks, angina etcetera) by quantifying damage to the interior membranes of the heart and blood vessels (endothelium).  Here is what the PULS test does:


"The PULS Cardiac Test quantifies 9 clinically-significant protein biomarkers that are activated by the body’s immune response to endothelial damage. These measurements are calculated into a single score that predicts ACS in a 5-year time frame."


In other words, the PULS Cardiac Test allows physicians to determine a patient's risk (percentage chance) of the occurrence of an Acute Coronary Syndrome over a five year period.  This is key because the rupture of unstable cardiac lesions causes 75 percent of all heart attacks.


A recent abstract which appeared on the American Heart Association's Circulation website looks at how the PULS test is being used in conjunction with the administration of the mRNA vaccines that are being used to save the world from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  The author of the study, Dr. Steven R. Gundry, a cardiologist and researcher, has used the PULS Cardiac Test to follow 566 of his patients for the past 8 years, administering the PULS test every three to six months.  The patients in the study range in age from 28 to 97 years and have a male to female ratio of one to one.  He administered a new PULS test to this patient group from two to ten weeks following the patients' second COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and compared this result to the PULS score drawn from tests administered three to five months prior to the vaccination.


Here's what he found


1.) PULS Score - the PLUS score increased from an 11 percent risk of an ACS over the next five years to a 25 percent risk of an ACS over the next five years, an increase of 14 percentage points or a 127.3 percent increase.


2.) The changes to the PLUS score persisted for at least 2.5 months after the second dose of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.


Dr. Gundry concluded the following:


"...the mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium as well as increasing the T cell infiltration of  (T cells or T lymphocytes are part of the body's immune system) which may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events following vaccination."


Since research that does not particularly paint the COVID-19 vaccines in a positive light tends to disappear from the internet, here is a screen capture of the entire abstract:


While the general public does not have access to the entire study, the abstract provides us with information that may explain this:


....and this:


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The United Nations Climate Fear Porn - Manipulating the World's Youth

Over the past two years, it has become very apparent that governments will use fear to manipulate the public into doing its bidding.  Fear is a great motivator; over the past century, governments have used fear to justify the persecution of the Jews and the resulting war in Europe, the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the all-encompassing War on Terror.  Since early 2020, it has become apparent that non-government organizations are also playing a key role in the propagation of "fear porn", including the United Nations through its agent, the World Health Organization.  As you will see in this posting, the United Nations is also playing a key role in the next global "emergency", climate change.


Let's open this posting by looking at the United Nation's Don't Choose Extinction website along with a screen capture showing the "Problem" page:



You will notice that this website is quite clearly designed to appeal to children.


The United Nations then presents its young audience with 19 excuses for not implementing the changes necessary to prevent the extinction of humanity along with reasons why the responsibility for implementing climate action rests on their shoulders which include the following four:


1.) I'm already doing as much as I can:


2.) We need fossil fuels for our economy:

3.) I'm just a kid, no one will listen to me:



4.) Climate change is a conspiracy.  It's fake news:



Now, let's look at this video entitled Don't Choose Extinction:


You will notice right away that the creators of the video have invoked the use of a dinosaur, a fixation of many young children, which goes by the name of Frankie.  In this case, the Tyrannosaurus rex is lecturing humanity on the climate.  Here is Frankie's entire lecture with my bolds:


"Listen up people.  I know a thing or two about extinction, and let me tell you, and you'd kind of think this would be obvious, going extinct is a bad thing.  And driving yourself extinct?  In 70 million years, that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!  At least we had an asteroid, what's your excuse?  You're headed for a climate disaster, and yet every year governments spend hundred of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies. Imagine if we had spent hundreds of billions per year subsidizing giant meteors.  That's what you're doing right now!  Think of all the other things you could do with that money.  Around the world, people are living in poverty.  Don't you think that helping them would make more sense than...I don't know....paying for the demise of your entire species?  Let me be real for a second.  You've got a huge opportunity right now, as you rebuild your economies and bounce back from this pandemic.  This is humanity's big chance!  So, here's my wild idea; don't choose extinction.  Save your species before it's too late.  It's time for you humans to stop making excuses and start making changes.  Thank you."


That has fear porn written all over it.  It is also interesting to see how Frankie even managed to bring the "Great Rebuild/Reset" into the equation as part of the solution to the climate crisis?


On the Toolkit part of the website, there are many resources that can be used to further the Don't Choose Extinction narrative including graphics like this:



...and videos like this:



There is also a "Full Campaign Playbook" Powerpoint presentation which can be downloaded.  It includes this information on how the United Nation's Don't Choose Extinction campaign was be rolled out:



As I stated at the beginning of this posting, governments and key global organizations have shamelessly used "fear porn" to ensure that their narrative remains intact.  My suspicion is that, once the health emergency has burned itself out in the eyes of the media and the government, the next step will be a climate emergency, using the same tactics as were used during the COVDI-19 pandemic.  The United Nations and its partner, the World Economic Forum, have used children to further their climate agenda as shown here:


...and here:


...and the rollout of the United Nation's Don't Choose Extinction campaign is using fear of a highly unlikely human extinction event to manipulate the world's youth into believing that their very existence is under imminent threat without balancing that viewpoint in any way.  

Fear and anxiety are very common among children and the United Nations is playing on this psychological interconnection by promoting a scenario where they are attempting to convince the world's youth that their  personal actions could result in an irreversible end to humanity, a concept that would terrorize any child.