Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Frank Zappa and the 2012 Presidential Election

For some reason, the election season has me thinking about this song by Frank Zappa:

Here are the lyrics from his 1973 Apostrophe'/Overnite Sensation recording session:

I am gross and perverted

I`m obsessed `n deranged

I have existed for years

But very little had changed

I am the tool of the Government

And industry too

For I am destined to rule

And regulate you.

I may be vile and pernicious

But you can`t look away

I make you think I`m delicious

With the stuff that I say

I am the best you can get

Have you guessed me yet?

I am the slime oozin` out

From your TV set 

You will obey me while I lead you

And eat the garbage that I feed you

Until the day that we don`t need you

Don`t got for help...no one will heed you

Your mind is totally controlled

It has been stuffed into my mold

And you will do as you are told

Until the rights to you are sold. 

That`s right, folks...

Don`t touch that dial. 

Well, I am the slime from your video

Oozin` along on your livin` room floor.

I am the slime from your video

Can`t stop the slime, people, lookit me go. 

I thought that the third verse was particularly pertinent.  Oh yes, and the "...day that we don't need you..." will be November 7th, 2012.


  1. Dude Apostrophe was released in 1974 - and that Saturday Night Live clip was obviously from the 70s!

    Great song tho - on my Top 10 Zappa Songs list

  2. 1st -- I love your blog. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into delivering this information to your audience. I wish you much luck in all that you do.

    2nd -- IMHO an even better FZ song for our troubled times, the aptly titled: Trouble Every Day

    Well I'm about to get up sick
    From watchin my t.v.
    Been checkin' out the news
    Until my eyeballs fail to see
    I mean to say that every day
    Is just another rotten mess
    And when it's gonna change, my friend
    Is anybody's guess

    So I'm watching and I'm waiting
    Hopin' for the best
    Even think I go to praying
    Every time I hear them sayin'

    That there's no way to delay
    That trouble comin' everyday
    No way to delay
    That trouble comin' every day

    Wednesday I watched the riot
    I've seen the cops out on the street
    Watch them throwing rocks and stuff and choking in the heat
    Listen to reports
    About the whiskey passin' round
    Seen the smoke and fire
    And the market burnin' down
    Watched while everybody on his street would take a turn
    They stomp and smash and bash and crash and slash and bust 'n burn

    And I'm watching and I'm waitin hopin' for the best
    Even think I go to prayin'
    Every time I hear em sayin'

    That there's no way to delay
    That trouble comin' every day
    No way to delay
    That trouble comin' everyday

    You can cool it You can heat it
    Cause baby I don't need it
    Take your t.v. tube and eat it
    And all that phony stuff on sports
    And all those unconfirmed reports
    You know I watch that rotten box
    Until my head begin to hurt

    From checkin' out the way
    The newsmen say they get the dirt
    Before the guys on channel so and so
    And further they assert
    That any show they litter up
    They bring you news if it comes up
    They say that if the place blows up
    They will be the first to tell
    Cause the boys they got downtown
    Working hard and doin swell

    And if anybody gets the news
    Before it hits the streets
    They say that no one blabs it faster
    Their coverage can't be beat
    And if another woman driver
    Gets machine gunned from her seat
    They'll send some joker with a brownie
    And you'll see it all complete

    So I'm watching and I'm waiting
    Hopin for the best
    Even think I go to praying
    Every time I hear them saying

    That there's no way to delay
    That trouble comin' everyday
    No way to delay
    That trouble comin' every day

    Well I've seen the fires burnin'
    And the local people turnin'
    All the merchants and the shops
    Who use to sell their brooms and mops
    And every other household item
    Watch the mob just turn and bite em

    And they say it serve them right
    Because a few of them are white
    And it's the same across the nation
    Black and white discrimination
    Yell and you can understand me
    And all that other crap they hand me

    In the papers and t.v.
    And all that mass stupidity
    That seems to grow more everyday
    These time of year some asshole say

    He wants to go and do you in
    Cause the color of your skin
    Just don't appeal to him
    No matter if it's black or white
    Because he's out for blood tonight

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