Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let the Attacking/Campaigning Begin

With the last national election just six months in the rear view mirror, American Crossroads, the SuperPAC headed by the kindly Karl Rove, has seen fit to subject American voters to a preview of what the 2014 mid-term and 2016 Presidential election campaigns will look like as shown here:

With the suspicion that Ms. Clinton may put forward her name as candidate for President in 2016, American Crossroads is already setting the tone for what will certainly be a very fractious election. Voters have barely recovered from the November 2012 election that clearly served the purpose of dividing America into two parts and already the party propaganda machines are at work.

Just in case we've forgotten, a suicide attack killed a state department officer in Qalat, Afghanistan in April 2013 while delivering books to a local high school.  More than ten years into the Bush II-sponsored fight against terrorism, and the gulf between the social values in both nations could hardly be wider.  While not on the same scale as the Benghazi attack, one wonders why this attack received relatively little attention by those with a conservative political leaning.  I guess the death of another diplomat in the original theatre of the War on Terror simply doesn't rate.


  1. " I guess the death of another diplomat in the original theatre of the War on Terror simply doesn't rate." It was a car bomb, a one and done attack. It wasn't an assault on a compound that could have been repulsed. Benghazi was a huge fuck up. Reinforcements could have been sent right away and got there in time to at least recover the ambassador’s body. A large show of force would have shown we take any attack on Americans seriously. The President went to sleep while this was happening. At least Hilary had the sense to stay awake and "monitor what was happening" Then there was the outright lies about a protest that never happened, 5 days after what happened was clear. The two attacks are hugely different, you’re a smart guy, you shouldn't try to attack the intelligence of those that read your blog.

  2. Karl Rove. Dick Cheney. George W. Bush. Republicans. The far right. Estimated total eventual cost of two wars to essentially kill one man: $5 trillion dollars. 2016 is going to be dirty. I'm not saying Obama isn't without bureaucratic incompetence. I'm not saying Obama can even reverse some of what Bush and his ilk have foisted on the U.S. But the first commentator, Mr. Anonymous, echoes sentiments I have heard over and over again from the right side of the aisle: supports the Tea Party, voted for Romney, and still believes 9/11 was a controlled demolition. It always amazes me how the memory of the public can be measured in nanoseconds when it comes to political leaders. Never let facts get in the way of your faith.

    1. What's partisan about not liking being lied to? Bush and his cronies also lied. Their lie was much bigger and caused this country a huge loss of money and American(and others) lives fighting in Iraq. Afghanistan is/was something else that war did serve a purpose. Although its an unwinnable war it did unseat the Taliban and scatter Al Qaeda. Had the Paki's played their role properly and guarded the backside durring the Tora Bora offensive. Bin Ladin most likely would have been killed/ caputured at the end of 2001 or begining of 2002.

    2. You do realize that as soon as we leave Afghanistan the Taliban and Al Qaeda will go right back to how they were before, right? And when they do it will be kept quite for as long as possible because it will make the whole war seem pointless to everyone.

  3. Benghazi was a screw-up. That's obviously true when an ambassador is killed despite security warnings. But the GOP doesn't seem to realize how craven it is to try to score points over this.

    The obvious drawback to the GOP attacks is that they don't have anyone who can believably claim they would do a better job on foreign policy or security. No one. Instead, the GOP looks like a bunch of creeps to anyone but a GOP partisan.

    They would be better off spending time and effort on putting together some great research and policy proposals, but they aren't into that. I don't know a better way to express, but the GOP-led hearings are an exercise in masturbation, and very few people what to watch that, much less give them even more scope for such behavior.