Monday, July 22, 2013

Filtering the Royal Birth

Now that the much awaited day has come and a new royal has been thrust upon us, I wanted to show you that those of us who don't particularly concern ourselves one way or another about the Queen, her offspring and their offspring and now their offspring are being given an option if we are readers of the United Kingdom-based Guardian newspaper.  Note the small purple "Republican?" button on the upper right of the screen capture:

If you click on the "Republican?" button because you don't really care what is happening to the House of Windsor, this is what you get on the front page of the Guardian website (noting that the button has now changed to "Royalist?"):

It's too bad that other newspapers don't have a clickable filter like that for other events when the mainstream media is saturated with the same sad excuse for news coverage over and over and over and over again!

With over 130 million births in the world every year, each one as important to their parents as the next, today's birth in London should be kept in perspective.  As well, it's obvious that many people in England would prefer the option of being considered republicans rather than royalists.

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