Monday, December 2, 2013

Paul Callandra - Canada's Answer Man

Like many Canadians, I am rapidly becoming convinced that MP Paul Callandra, Stephen Harper's latest iteration of his very own personal Parliamentary lap/attack dog, is becoming Canada's most reviled politician.  He seems incapable of answering a question during either Question Period or televised political panels, preferring to deflect, change the subject or otherwise obfuscate in a loud and annoying voice.  After all, if you say it with volume, it must be true!

As such, some brilliant mind has come up with this:

Here is the link that will certainly provide you with a few minutes of Parliamentary entertainment at Mr. Callandra's expense.


As an aside, I'm wondering if selling insurance is starting to look like a better career choice?

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  1. In America, Obama and the White House have replaced volume with the idea that saying it often will have the same effect of "making it true". Often sending out an army of people to spread the same message helps. If the message proves false, wait two days. repackage the old message and repeat again. If told enough times people begin to believe things and take it as fact.