Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two Viewpoints of the Crisis in the Ukraine

This is what the current crisis in Ukraine looks like from the government side:

The title translation reads "Siloviki fire fighting bullets".  Siloviki are members of the armed forces or security police.  And yes, those are AK-47s.

This is what the crisis looks like from the protestors' vantage:

The title translation reads "Firing weapons at protesters in Kiev".

You would have to be one determined protestor to stand up against that level of government firepower. 


  1. Cleary this situation is going to become much worse. I am in amazement that the protestors continued to try and move forward. The best hope now lies in the police and military switching sides. This bloodshed is terrible.

  2. So very unnecessary... Even in the UK we keep peacefully protesting, campaigning et al... Our so called police frequently infiltrate groups causing the onset of violence themselves; to the point of undercover officers being allowed and encouraged to develop intimate relations with vulnerable women involved in groups such as occupy, anon, etc...

  3. My wife and I went to Maidan on Feb 18th as the violence was breaking out farther up the hill towards the Rada. We left for home before they shut down the Metro and the trains. We got home to find Maidan in flames. We were not sure if we were glad to be home or sorry we were not brave enough to stay and fight. The guys facing high power weapons with plywood shields were so brave.