Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Is Lindsay Graham Destroying A Cell Phone?

In case you hadn't seen enough of the GOP Presidential candidates this far in advance of the actual election day in November 2016, here is a recent video of Lindsay Graham that appeared on the series of tubes that make up the internet (my apologies to Mr. Graham's fellow Republican Senator, the late Ted Stevens from Alaska) taking out all of his frustrations on a series of cell phones:

Why, you ask?  Simply because of this:  

Unfortunately, the phone that Lindsay Graham uses doesn't resemble my first Blackberry which worked for two whole days before it crashed.  I would gladly have used some of his creative techniques to dispatch my faulty phone to wherever it is faulty electronics end up but I must say that I'm particularly fond of the blender idea.  Unfortunately, it would appear that he doesn't seem to realize that destroying your cell phone doesn't mean that the cell number is cancelled (which, by the way is 202-228-0292 in case you didn't get a chance to write it down).

And, on a totally unrelated matter, here is a cool little gizmo by the brilliant minds at the New Republic that lets you generate a compliment by Donald Trump, a Republican Presidential candidate that really knows how to turn a phrase.

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