Thursday, August 6, 2015

Marco Rubio, Immigration and Hypocrisy

A very recent brief video shows us how Marco Rubio, GOP candidate for the 2016 Presidential race, is hypocritical when it comes to his stance on immigration reform.  The film is produced by Brave New Films Action Fund which is headed by feature film and documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald, producer and director of eight full-length documentaries including his most recent, Unmanned: America's Drone Wars.

In this 2 minute documentary, Mr. Greenwald uses Marco Rubio's own words on immigration to show voters how Mr. Rubio, son of parents who immigrated from Cuba during the Eisenhower Administration in 1956, has reversed his stance on what is becoming one of the key issues in this campaign, particularly when looking back at his time as a state legislator and speaker in the Florida House.

Here's the video:

This would definitely suggest that Mr. Rubio's stance on immigration is to the right of most Hispanic Americans, the core of his support.  With Republican candidates appearing to be in a competition to see who can appear to be the toughest on immigration, it looks like Marco Rubio may have his work cut out for him when courting his own.

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  1. That video really didn't use Rubio's words against him. Some guy asked him a series of questions and we never heard his responses and then there were a few quick pieces where he spouts right wing talking points. Isn't he a right winger? Why would anyone think he should say something different. The one thing I see most people that lean left always try to lump people into groups and then demonize those who don't group think like the rest of those people in said group. Political Junkie this is a nonsense post and from following you for long time I never got the sense that you thought this way so I'm hoping this is just a one off. All people bleed red and that is fact. I detest people who are always trying to lump people into groups because the only purpose of that is to create divides between the people. We all know why dividing the people is important so lets not play that game.