Friday, July 15, 2016

Mike Pence's Past

Updated January 2016

With Donald Trump now in place as President, I thought that it would be prudent to take a look back and see exactly what it is that Republican voters got for their "money" when it comes to Donald Trump's potential replacement.

Thanks to the fine folks at, we are able to travel back in time and see what Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, had to say about some key issues on his website. Here we go.

Keep in mind that negative political campaigning really came into vogue in the past three presidential election cycles as shown here:

Mike Pence was way ahead of his time with his use of negative campaigning back in 1990 when he was running for Congress against Democrat incumbent, Phil Sharp.

5.) The American smoker:

After all, let's not let big government get in the way of smoking oneself to death because, according to the scientific research done by Mike Pence, "smoking doesn't kill".  In one sense he is right, it's not the act of smoking that actually kills, it's just the side effects like cancer that cause deaths.

Now, thanks to On The Issues, we can look at Mike Pence's stance on a myriad of key issues including abortion, the federal budget and the economy, civil rights, corporations, crime, education, energy and oil, the environment, families and children, foreign policy, free trade, government reform, gun control, health care, homeland security, immigration, jobs, principles and values, social security, tax reform, technology, war and peace and welfare and poverty.

Let's look at Mr. Pence's views on four key issues, leaving the rest up to you to research for yourself by clicking on this link.  Please note that every issue has associated quotes that can be opened by clicking on the quotes link for each issue. 

1.) Abortion:

2.) Civil Rights including same-sex marriage:

3.) Gun Control:

4.) Health Care:

If you wish to see where you stand on these key issues, you can take the VoteMatch quiz found here.  You can then compare your responses to Mr. Pence's as shown on this screen capture:

When all of Mr. Pence's VoteMatch scores are added up, here is where his views fit on the VoteMatch political matrix:

That's pretty far to the right side of the political spectrum.

Now that Mike Pence is going to be getting more national exposure thanks to Donald Trump's win, it is interesting to take a look back at his pre-Congressional views and how he voted on key issues during his 12 year tenure in the House of Representatives.  This will help us put his future comments into perspective and gain a better understanding of what he really stands for.


  1. Following the revelation Donald Trump has picked Mike Pence for his Vice Presidential running mate we hear the words "Tell me it isn't so" flowing from the mouth of many Trump supporters. Most Trump supporters recognized the Donald was flawed, inarticulate, and somewhat lacking, still, the hope existed that his ego would not allow him to fail us or at least give a go at changing our current path. Trump in many ways became the candidate considered as a rejection of mainstream politics, a rejection of Washington as well as the new face of the Republican party, a party accountable to the middle class.

    Too many of these voters, Trump represented an effort to take back the party from the hard right that has held it hostage for years and hopefully open the tent to moderate voters. The "Make America Great Again" theme has extended beyond debates about whether we are still great and cuts into taking back power from the Washington establishment that many Americans feel have sold us out. For a bit more on what Trump's choice of Pence might mean read the following article.

  2. Libra Libertarian is how I scored on that political test thing. That said Gary Jonson Of the libertarian party please consider him or Jill Stein don't allow this two party lesser of two evils system to continue.

  3. I am so pissed off that Trump picked Mike Pence as his running mate. I was really going to vote for him and try to get everyone I knew on board with voting for him too, but I just can't with Mike Pence. It doesn't sound like Trump is even running for president anymore, if he wins, its more like Mike Pence will be the president now and I can't vote for an ultra religious zealot. I thought Trump would actually deal a death blow to this faction of the Republicans and be a true progressive, not in the way that leftists say "progressive," but someone who could truly change America. Mike Pence is such a POS though, I just can't risk somebody that much of a lunatic having that much power.