Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Her Body Double

After Hillary Clinton's recent "health episode" in New York City, the internet has been buzzing with all manner of theories about her health and whether she is capable of handling the stress of the Oval Office.  This became a particularly hot item after she fainted and then reappeared less than two hours later, apparently in excellent health.  One of the more interesting theories circulating on the tubes that make up the internet can be found here:

You can also find more here:

People have even gone so far as to note the that "Hillary" carries her purse on both her left and right sides, unlike most women who consistently carry their purse on the left or the right as shown here:

So, who could this body double be?  Here's a possibility (not a probability):

According to her website, Teresa Barnwell has been "America's top Hillary Clinton Impersonator since 1993" as shown here:

Ms. Barnwell actually met her doppelgänger face-to-face in 1996 as shown here:

Here's what Hillary Clinton said when she met Ms. Barnwell:

"Oh, you're the one who can stand in for me and do the bad stuff I don't want to do."

Ironic, isn't it?


  1. Hillary has something wrong with her. Its not whatever her or her people say it is. Anyone can see clear as day the rigid stiff odd posture and then the non working legs and then the dragging into the van. I don't know what that is but I know its not normal. Its defiantly not the reaction from some minor common illness.

    1. And Trump is normal??? First off, unlike Hillary, Trump refused to release the results of his medical exam. Second, Trumps mental stability is clearly in question. Third even if Hillary has something physically wrong with her it doesn't disqualify her from being president. Clearly FDR's polio didn't affect his ability to lead America during WW II.

    2. Trump is a fat asshole who refuses to admit he is wrong about anything. The subject of blog post was Hillary and thus my comment was related to the video of Hillary being dragged into her van. Why bring Trump into this? Second wouldn't you like to know if Hillary has polio? It would be nice for her explain how it hasn't effected her terrible judgment while senator or terrible choices or judgment while serving as secretary of state? Hillary is a neocon, warmonger. Its old people like you who don't get it. There is two other much better candidates running for president, Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein. Either of them are light years better then Trump or Clinton. But because this country is still full of aging baby boomers that believe what the TV tells them and think there is a real difference between the blue and red team we get stuck with this lesser of two evils party system nonsense.

  2. I didn't really expect this kind of tabloid garbage on your blog.
    Has anyone checked to see where Ms. Barnwewll has been all this time?
    Presidents have died in office many times, which is why it's important to have a good VP selection. McCain lost me when he chose Palin. Bush lost me when he chose Quail. I'm not impressed by either Pence, or Kane.