Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Can Europe Rely on the United States for its Security?

While it received almost no coverage in the West, a recent article on TASS shows how the views of the United States and Europe over the "Russia File" are diverging.

Here is what was reported by TASS on August 27, 2018:

Note this quote which is particularly interesting given Washington's recent complaints about the unfair funding of NATO:

"Europe can no longer rely on the US to provide its security. It is up to us today to take our responsibilities and guarantee our own security, and thus have European sovereignty. We have to draw all necessary conclusions from the end of the Cold War." (my bold)

As shown here, Macron's sentiment about European security was also posted on his Twitter account:

So, what is President Macron's solution to European security?  Here's a quote:

"We must take all the consequences of the end of the cold war. Today, alliances still have all their relevance, but the balances, sometimes, the automatisms on which they were built are to be revisited. And that also implies for Europe to draw all the consequences. This reinforced solidarity will involve revisiting the European defense and security architecture. On the one hand, by initiating a renewed dialogue on cyber security, chemical weapons, conventional weapons, territorial conflicts, space security or the protection of polar areas, especially with Russia.

I hope that we launch a comprehensive reflection on these topics with all of our European partners in the broad sense, and therefore with Russia. Substantial progress towards resolving the Ukrainian crisis, as well as respect for the OSCE framework - I am thinking in particular of the situation of observers in Donbass - will of course be prerequisites for real progress with Moscow. But that should not stop us from working right now between Europeans. I'm counting on you for that." (my bolds)

Here's one of his tweets on the solution:

...and here is another:

If you are interested, you can use Google Translate to read President Macron's entire speech to the Annual Conference of Ambassadors which was given on August 27, 2018 which you can find here.

Just so you are aware, France is considered to have one of the world's most powerful armed forces as shown on this ranking from Global Firepower:

As you can also see, the United Kingdom and Germany are both considered significant when it comes to military power.

Finally, let's look at a one last quote from Macron's speech about Europe's place as a global powerhouse:

"Finally, we will be and we are today collectively tested because this Europe, I have said many times and I have just talked about its perimeter, its extent, has to face all the contemporary challenges of which I am speak since just now. And we have only one credible European answer: that of our strategic autonomy. The question is not whether we can convince the United States of America, it is a great people and a great country, the question is whether the United States of America looks to us as a power with strategic autonomy, this is the real question that is posed for Europe today. And it is clear that today it is not the case, we must look at ourselves with lucidity, even if it is cruel, I do not believe very sincerely today that China or the United States United States of America think that Europe is a power with a strategic autonomy comparable to theirs. I do not believe that." (my bold)

At the very least, it is interesting to see that, unlike many decision makers in Washington, France is looking to co-operate and strengthen ties with Russia as part of its move to becoming part of an autonomous European powerhouse that is not at the mercy of the United States.  Given that Europe is located at ground zero of any possible conflict with Russia, it is no wonder that France's president is concerned about relying on the United States for its security.

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  1. Bla bla bla.
    When everybody know how hard it is for EU to resolve its own internal travel problems in Brussel and that all EU laws are infiltred in NATO, Macron´s bla bla bla visions would take centuries to realize for EU.