Tuesday, March 3, 2020

COVID 19 Testing in the United States - How Americans Are Being Manipulated

Like me, perhaps you have wondered about the statistics being provided to the mainstream media regarding the current COVID-9 pandemic (even though the WHO still has not officially declared it a pandemic, it certainly appears to be one).

Let's start with quotes from this recent press conference given by California Governor Gavin Newsome:

"Over 800 people have come in on those (repatriation) flights, but that’s a small part of the overall picture. Thousands and thousands of other people have come in on more traditional flights through the state of California. Some 8,400 plus are currently being monitored with 49 local jurisdictions doing those protocols and monitoring as it relates to more traditional commercial flights that came in from points of concern and potential points of contact, particularly in Asia.

As you may know, as of today, and I say as of today, at this hour we have 33 confirmed positive tests for the virus. Five individuals have subsequently moved out of state, so there are 28 people that we know in the state of California that are positive…

Accordingly, when hearing about it, we initiated a series of protocols that we were prepared to advance. Those protocols include deep tracking and tracing of individuals that would be in contact with this individual working again in collaboration and partnership with our federal partners, and working with the extraordinary talented and committed frontline workers both in the healthcare sector and a bit more broadly defined at the local and County level.

We are currently in deep partnership with CDC on one overriding protocol that drives our principal focus right now, and that’s testing and the importance to increase our testing protocols, and our point of contact diagnostic testing as our top priority, not just in the state of California but I imagine all across the United States. We had conversations just [inaudible] say moments ago, but within last few hours with CDC assuring us that the testing protocols will be advanced with urgency.

We have just a few hundred testing kits in the state of California, and that’s surveillance testing as well as diagnostic testing. That’s simply inadequate to do justice to the kind of testing that is required to address this issue head on." (my bold)

That's a few hundred test kits for nearly 40 million people living in California.  Obviously, all 40 million Californians will not require testing, however, if even 1 percent of the population needs to be tested to control the outbreak, the state will need 400,000 test kits and the means to process each kit.

The problem with the spread of the coronavirus in the United States is substantial, however, given this Situation Summary data from the Centres for Disease Control for March 3, 2020:

...you would be forgiven for believing that the situation is under control and that you are getting the entire story.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, let's look at the Situation Summary for February 29, 2020:

Do you notice anything missing?  That's right, as of March 2, 2020, the CDC is no longer reporting the pathetically small number of tests for COVID-19 that have actually been administered.  Apparently, the braintrust at the world's foremost disease control agency have forgotten that the internet never forgets anything!

But, thanks to the World Health Organization, we have this "cure" for COVID-19:

Just like your mother taught you, it is important to wash your hands after using the toilet.  She was right all along!

While the world's media quite frequently referred to data manipulation by Chinese authorities when it came to the world's latest deadly coronavirus, they seem to have given the United States-based Centers for Disease Control a pass when it comes to disinforming the American public about the sad state of America's response to COVID-19.  Given the extremely small number of Americans that have been tested for a virus that has already killed at least nine people in the state of Washington alone, we can be sure that the virus is far more widely spread in the United States than is being reported by the mainstream media, a situation that is largely created by the massive shortage of test kits.

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