Friday, February 19, 2021

The Top Paid American Federal Government Employees

Thanks to Open the Books, American taxpayers get a clear idea of where their tax dollars are going, particularly as it pertains to the federal governments massive annual outlay for salaries in its executive agencies.  

Here is a graphic showing total annual wages for the executive agencies for the years between 2010 and 2019:



In 2019, federal executive agencies employed 1,368,474 employees with a total salary pool of $119,959,405,192.  This compares to 1,421,769 employees with a total salary pool of $120,157,063,088 in 2018.


Let's look at some of the top earners and their positions in major federal government departments for the year 2019 with data sourced from the United States Office of Personnel Management:


1.) Agriculture - Hubert Hamer - Mathematical Statistics - $230,760


2.) Commerce - Ventkatachala Ramaswamy - Meteorology - $258,660


3.) Education - Name Withheld - Criminal Investigation - $211,260


4.) Energy - Steven Black - Program Management - $259,605


5.) Homeland Security - Name Withheld - Medical Officer - $260,443


6.) Housing and Urban Development - Joseph Hungate - Financial Management - $197,300


7.) Interior - Michael Nedd - Program Management - $230,760


8.) Justice - Donald Lewis - Medical Officer - $318,908


9.) Labor - Name Withheld - General Inspection etcetera - $209,364


10.) State - Joshua Dorosin - General Attorney - $259,605


11.) Transportation - Teri Lynn Bristol - Program Management - $298,333


12.) Treasury - Maryann Kennedy - Financial Institution Examining - $284,000


13.) Veterans' Affairs - John Daigh - Medical Officer - $257,737


You may have noticed that one department is missing; Health and Human Services.  Now that you have some background on the highest paid individuals in key federal government departments, let's look at the salaries paid to the top 20 earners in Health and Human Services:


Do you recognize any names in that list?  Yes, right at the top of the salary heap we find Medical Officer Anthony S. Fauci.


Now, let's look at the top 20 earners in all federal government executive agencies:


Every single one of the top 20 earners working for the entire federal government is employed at the Department of Health and Human Services with Anthony S. Fauci heading the pack as the top earner, eclipsing even the President of the United States who earns only $400,000.  In fact, the top the top 53 earners in the United States federal government are working at the Department of Health and Human Services with the vast majority of them being Medical Officers.


Interesting, isn't it?  No wonder Anthony Stephen Fauci is still working at the age of 80, long past the age where most Americans are experiencing their second decade of retirement.

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