Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Ruling Class and Virtue Signalling

After last weekend's G7/8 Finance Minister's meeting, I posted a brief missive on how Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Finance Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister wannabe and World Economic Forum Board of Trustee member provided the world with a clear example of how the ruling class is using virtue signalling to send a strong message to the unwashed masses about the endless need to control a virus.  With the G7 meeting now in full swing, let's look at another example of virtue signalling by the powers that be.


Here is the group being greeted by U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson upon their arrival at Cornwall where the G7 meeting is being held, performing for the cameras, noting that the motto of this meeting is "Build Back Better", a phrase right out of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset playbook (first ten minutes of the video):

Here is a group photo showing the elected ruling class properly physically distanced from each other:


Here is another group photo, showing the elected ruling class properly socially distanced from Her Royal Majesty, the 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II:


After all, it simply wouldn't do to get too close and cause a health problem for the aging Queen, would it?


Or, would it?  Here is a video showing the group meeting with the Queen noting that no masks are being worn by anyone despite the fact that many citizens of the nations represented by the G7 are still under severe restrictions regarding the wearing of masks and controls regarding the number of people that can meet together (not to mention the fact that none of this group underwent a 14 day self-quarantining period before the meeting):

Just before the video ends, you will see Canada's very own virtue-signaller-in-chief and beta male walking within hand-holding distance of the Queen which, for some reason, brought this to mind:

That's Justin Trudeau's father, then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau doing a respectful pirouette behind the Queen back in May 1977 at that year's edition of the G7 meeting.

I guess in their haste to rub shoulders with real royalty, the elected ruling class forgot all about the laws that they have put in place for their sweaty, virus ridden citizens.  Ah, but then again, apparently there is nothing like virtue signalling and a bit of pandemic hypocrisy by our political leaders and their significant others, is there?

It's reassuring to know that while the useless eaters are forced to hold virtual meetings, these high-value individuals are allowed to meet in person, isn't it?  After all, surely they only have our best interests at heart.

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