Thursday, February 24, 2022

How Americans Feel About a War With Russia

Recent polling by AP-NORC provides us with insight regarding Russia, Ukraine and American involvement in a war with Russia.  Let's look at the results from the poll which was conducted between February 18 and 21, 2022 with 1,289 adults.


Let's look at the questions and responses keeping in mind that 46 percent of those polled have heard or read a lot about the military buildup on the Russia/Ukraine border, 29 percent have heard or read some and 25 percent have not heard or read about the buildup.  Additionally, among those who have been paying either a lot or some attention to the buildup, 32 percent believe that the United States should play a major role and 51 percent believe that the United States should play a minor role.


1.) How much of a role do you think that the United States have in the situation between Russia and Ukraine?


Overall - major role - 26%, minor role - 52%, no role - 20%


Republican - major role - 22%, minor role - 54%, no role - 22%


Democrat - major role - 32%, minor role - 52%, no role - 14%


2.) How personally concerned are you that Russia's influence around the world poses a direct threat to the United States?


Overall - 50%


Republican - 40%


Democrat - 53%


By way of comparison, 75 percent of all adults are concerned about the spread of misinformation, 63 percent are concerned about cyberattacks, 63 percent are concerned about extremist groups based inside the United States and 59 percent are concerned about China's influence around the world.


3.) Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling the U.S. relationship with Russia?


Overall - approve - 44%, disapprove - 55%


Republican - approve - 18%, disapprove - 82%


Democrat - aprove - 72%, disapprove - 26%


4.) What is your level of confidence in the people running the U.S. military?


Great deal of confidence - 41%


Only some confidence - 46%


Hardly any confidence - 12%


5.) 4.) What is your level of confidence in the people running the U.S. intelligence gathering agencies?


Great deal of confidence - 24%


Only some confidence - 52%


Hardly any confidence - 242%

It would certainly appear that Main Street Americans have little interest in entering a conflict with Russia over a nation which isn't surprising given that only 34 percent of Americans can even find Ukraine on a map of the world as shown here:

As well, more than half of all Americans do not approve of Joe Biden's handling of the very important "Russia file" which hardly inspires confidence in the Russia-Ukraine issue on a going-forward basis.

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  1. 2014 Ukraine CIA/US State Department color revolution coop-Victoria Nudleman Kagan & John McCain front men. Borders? Putin bad? Why is US Military illegally stationed within border of Syria? American Empire building needs to end.