Thursday, June 2, 2022

What's Really Important to Canadian Politicians - Vagina and Vulva Celebration Day!

This is what passes for an important issue to the Trudeau government in Canada which has been one of the leading nations in persecuting its unvaccinated citizens:


I did like how all of the trained (and masked/virtue signalling) Liberal monkeys around her applauded her announcement after she finished speaking, even going so far as to shake her potentially SARS-CoV-2 hand!  On the upside, it's nice to know that Canada and Canadians have nothing to worry about; under the Trudeau regime, all of the nation's problems, with the notable exception of its treatment of vaginas and vulvas, have been solved.

Since Canada's Liberal Party bases its philosophy on total inclusion (except for unvaccinated Canadians who are deemed unworthy of using the nation's airlines and rail infrastructure as passengers because they are either misogynistic or racist according to Justin Trudeau) I very quickly noted that MP Pam Damoff made three key omissions.  While she celebrates vaginas and vulvas, she seems to have completely forgotten about clitori, uteri and ovaries who are now feeling inferior because they don't have their own special day.


As an aside, here is further information on Ms. Damoff and her role in leading Canada:


...and, as an MP, here is what she is costing Canadian taxpayers:


Member of the House of Commons - $189,500


Parliamentary Secretary - $18,400 well as this:


Certainly, Canadian taxpayers are getting their money's worth from Ms. Damoff and her vagina/vulva.


In closing and just in case those Canadians who have an X and Y chromosome can assure themselves of one thing; from the tone of Ms. Damoff's speech, a special celebration day for vas deferens and scrotums is pretty much a non-starter.  Sorry about that.

For some reason, this word comes to mind and I can't really explain why:


  1. I’m so busy being enraged by vagina/vulva day I haven’t given a moments thought to latest Canadian government gift of Korean artillery shells to the ukraine