Thursday, July 14, 2022

Justin Trudeau's Waning Political Fortune

When Justin Trudeau took over as Canada's Liberal Prime Minister in October 2015, he rapidly became a media celebrity around the world.  Here are a couple of examples of how the mainstream media kowtowed to "his imminence":


1.) New York Times:


2.) Rolling Stone:


There is little doubt that "Mr. Socks and Pretty Hair" rapidly took the world by storm in what was then a universally positive tone.  Even Canadians who had grown weary of Stephen Harper's Conservative government welcomed Justin and his "sunny ways".  


How things change.  Since his heavy-handed response to the Truckers' Convoy in February 2022, Mr. Trudeau has seen his political fortunes take a major dive with politicians, particularly in Europe, taking shots at him on a regular basis as shown here:


...and here:


 ...and here:


Even many Canadians are tiring of his smug, self-promoting ways as you will see in this posting.


A recent poll by Research Co. asked 1000 Canadian adults two questions as follows:


1.) We would like to ask you some questions about the people who have served as prime minister of Canada since 1968. Which of these politicians do you think has been Canada’s worst prime minister?


Here are the results of the first question with the number in brackets showing the change from the July 2021 poll:


Justin Trudeau – 29% (+7) 


Stephen Harper – 17% (-4)


Pierre Trudeau – 6% (=) 


Kim Campbell – 6% (+1) 


Brian Mulroney – 5% (-2) 


Jean Chrétien – 5% (+2) 


Joe Clark – 3% (-1)


Paul Martin – 2% (=) 


John Turner – 2% (=) 


Not sure – 25% (-2)


Justin Trudeau has seen a 7 percentage point increase in the number of Canadians who feel that he is Canada's worst Prime Minister since 1968 over the past year.


2.) Which of these politicians do you think has been Canada’s best prime minister?


Pierre Trudeau – 19% (-1) 


Stephen Harper – 17% (+1) 


Justin Trudeau – 12% (-1) 


Jean Chrétien – 9% (+2) 


Brian Mulroney – 8% (-1) 


Paul Martin – 3% (=)


Joe Clark – 2% (=) 


John Turner – 2% (=) 


Kim Campbell – 1% (=) 


Not sure – 28% (-1)


If we take the net disapproval rating (worst PM minus best PM), Justin Trudeau scores a -17, by far the highest net disapproval rating among the 9 former/present Prime Ministers.  


Here is a breakdown of the Justin Trudeau's scoring as worst Prime Minister by proving/region from lowest disapproval to highest disapproval:


Quebec - 19 percent


Ontario - 26 percent


Atlantic Canada - 29 percent


British Columbia - 30 percent


Saskatchewan/Manitoba - 39 percent


Alberta - 49 percent


His highest disapproval rating is found in Alberta where 49 percent of Albertans consider Justin Trudeau the worst Prime Minister in recent decades.  This isn't terribly surprising given Albertans' general dislike for all things Liberal but one also has to add in the factor of Trudeau's negative attitude toward the province's oil industry.


Here is a breakdown of the Justin Trudeau's scoring as worst Prime Minister by proving/region from highest approval to lowest approval:


Ontario - 14 percent


Quebec - 14 percent


British Columbia - 13 percent


Alberta - 11 percent


Atlantic Canada - 9 percent


Saskatchewan/Manitoba - 6 percent


Unfortunately for non-Liberal Canadians, the Trudeau Liberals have inked a deal with the New Democratic Party (NDP), ensuring that their minority government will remain in power until the next scheduled election in 2025.


The national Justin Trudeau "honeymoon" is long over and it will take a miracle for Justin to remain as Canada's Prime Minister after the next election.  The unfortunate reality is that this could well take his place if Canadians don't take the time to educate themselves about the current Deputy Prime Minister's allegiance to her globalist masters:


...and here interviewing George Soros in 2015 discussing the issue of Europe:

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