Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Canadian Government and the Never-ending COVID-19 Narrative

Some governments around the world appear to be completely incapable of letting go of the COVID-19 narrative, particularly when it comes to their vaccine mandates.  Despite the fact that it is now known (and has actually been for some time if you don't pay attention to just the mainstream media) that the mRNA vaccines do not prevent transmission of COVID-19, the Trudeau government has fallen so far down the rabbit hole that it can no longer see daylight.


Here is a prime example of Canada's ongoing gaslighting of its citizens courtesy of Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam and, of course, Canadian taxpayers who funded the production of this video which appeared on Tam's Twitter feed on December 21, 2022 as shown here:


Since these sort of Twitter embarrassments often disappear from the internet, here is the video in its entirety:



So there you go.  The Trudeau government yet again attempting to brainwash young Canadians who are highly unlikely to even be following Tam on Twitter, something that Tam's handlers seem to have forgotten.


All of that said, Theresa Tam has a great idea.  Let's all open our doors when we have visitors in our homes during winter while home heating oil, natural gas and electricity prices are at or near all-time highs.  That will fix the environment and put a quick end to the climate emergency that Justin  Trudeau insists is looming, won't it?


I'm anxiously awaiting Nuremberg 2.0.  Ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas to all.

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