Sunday, April 30, 2023

Chrystia Freeland and Hillary Clinton - A Match Made In Hell

The following announcement recently appeared on the Liberal Party of Canada's Twitter feed:



Just for fun, let's look at what these two "global leaders" have had to say in the past:


1.) Hillary Clinton on the death of Muamar Qaddafi:


That's empathy, Clinton style.


2.) Chrystia Freeland on freezing bank accounts of Canadians during the February 2022 Truckers' Protest:


Remember, it gave her "no pleasure" to punish innocent Canadians.  Yeah, sure.  


Humanitarians they aren't.

Let's close with this definition:

Sociopathic behaviour

Consistent behavior patterns in sociopaths include:


1.) Lack of empathy for others


2.) Impulsive behavior


3.) Attempting to control others with threats or aggression 


4.) Using intelligence, charm, or charisma to manipulate others


5.) Not learning from mistakes or punishment


6.) Lying for personal gain

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