Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Peter Milliken speaks....a lot.

Now that was a bit surprising (if not a tad long).

I loved Peter Milliken's comment that some Members may not be sufficiently "trustworthy" to be entrusted with the secrets of the unredacted files. Are you surprised?

I would have thought that surely our elite elected ones could have come up with a compromise that would have held the unredacted documents confidential within the confines of the House and the Parliamentary Committee without breaching national security but apparently not. Now we get to wait 2 weeks to see if our MPs can exhibit enough non-partisan maturity to resolve this issue without further involvement from the Speaker. I'm still not happy with the fact that Canadian taxpayers don't get to find out what exactly what our elected ones were up to but I guess I have to trust the Opposition to look after that for us.

I must say, my respect for Mr. Milliken went up a few notches today. I had expected him to toe the government line pretty tightly.


  1. Agreed about Mr. Milliken. I blame cynics like Don Martin for making me think he was more worried about his cushy job then about doing what's right.

    I think 90% of the reason why this problem blew up is because of Stephen Harper's ego...he simply does not like being told what to do. In that case, now that his hand is forced, things may be resolved quickly. Maybe...if the Conservatives really do have nothing to hide.

  2. I couldn't agree more and posted something similar on your blog before reading your comment here.