Monday, January 25, 2016

The Biggest Threats to World Peace

Let's start with this video from RT showing an interview with Virginia state Senator Richard Black (R):

Search "Richard Black" and "Saudi Arabia" on Google and you'll find that no mainstream media outlet in the United States or Europe covered this interview.

Here's what he said:

"I believe that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the two greatest dangers to world peace.  It is Saudi Arabia, through the Wahhabist doctrine, that is spreading terrorism across the globe. It’s not Iran, it’s not Syria it's not any other country, it emirates from Saudi Arabia.  Now, Turkey on the other hand, being led by President Erdogan.  Erdogan has a dream of becoming the new Ottoman Empire.  He wants to be the head of the Ottoman Empire.  He’s a very calculating, very vicious individual and, I think, a great danger. Erdogan won an absolute majority of the Turkish parliament, which will enable him to rewrite the constitution. Once he had that total power to impose an absolute dictatorship – which he intends to do – and he publicly said that his model is Adolph Hitler.  He envisions a government where his powers will be similar to those exercised by Adolph Hitler.

The United States has been so in bed with the Saudi Arabians for so long.  The Bush family, Herbert Walker Bush, George Bush, Jeb Bush, all of them are closely tied with the Saudi Royal Family, the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.  The same thing with the Clintons; Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton are very closely tied to the money from Saudi Arabia and because of that, Saudi Arabia is able to do the most outrageous things.  We tend to condemn various secular nations in the Mid East because they don't do this quite right or that quite right and yet we overlook the absolute barbarity of the Saudi Kingdom..." (my bold)

Richard Black was elected to the Virginia Senate in 2011.  He was born in Maryland and joined the Marines in 1963, rising to the level of Colonel.  He flew 269 combat missions in Vietnam and received the Purple Heart for wounds received in battle.  He earned a law degree in 1976 and accepted a commission as a Major in the U.S. Judge Advocate General's Corps.  After heading the Army's Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon, he retired from military service in 1994, becoming a partner in the law firm Taylor, Horbaly and Black.    

In case you hadn't had enough of Senator Black's commentary on the current situation in the Middle East, additional commentary can be found on the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) website.  In this article, SANA quotes a letter from November 2015 that was sent by Senator Black to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.  Here is the text of the letter:

"Bashar al Assad President of Syria, Damascus, Syria.

Dear Mr. President:

I was pleased by the Russians' intervention against the armies invading Syria. With their support, the Syrian army has made dramatic strides against the terrorists.

I was delighted by Syria's resounding victory over ISIS at the Kuwairis Airfield. My compliments to those who heroically rescued 1,000 brave Syrian soldiers from certain death. I am convinced that many such victories lie ahead.

The Syrian War was not caused by domestic unrest. It was an unlawful war of aggression by foreign powers determined to force a puppet regime on Syria. General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, revealed that by 2001, Western powers had developed plans to overthrow Syria. Yet after fifteen years of military subversion, NATO, Saudi Arabia and Qatar still cannot identify a single rebel leader who enjoys popular support among the Syrian people.

Foreign powers have no right to overturn legitimate elections and impose their will on the Syrian people. Syrians alone must determine their destiny, free of foreign intervention. I am disappointed that the UN has turned a blind eye to the unlawful interference in Syria's internal affairs.

Before the war began, Syrians had the greatest religious freedom and women's equality of any Arab people. Many Americans are surprised to learn that the Syrian Constitution provides for free elections, religious freedom, women's rights, and the Rule of Law. Before criticizing Syria, the U.S. might first insist that our allies Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait grant similar freedoms to their own people.

I am disappointed that the U.S. has countered Russian assistance to Syria by forwarding shipments of TOW anti-tank missiles to the terrorists. This will only prolong bloodshed in Syria. And supplying weapons to "good terrorists" while denying them to "bad terrorists" is a fools game. The reckless dissemination of TOW missiles threatens worldwide civil aviation. Long-range anti-tank weapons can easily be targeted to destroy passenger jets taxiing for takeoff. As a Virginia Senator, I am concerned that such missiles might find their way to remote areas adjacent to Reagan National Airport, Dulles International Airport and others. I have corresponded with the United States President about these concerns.

Today, the Army of Conquest receives extensive U.S. military support. The Army of Conquest is formed around al Nusra, which has sworn allegiance to al Qaeda. This means that the U.S. supplies weapons to the same terrorists who murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11. This is an obscene betrayal of the victims of 9-11.

People have begun realizing that the Syrian terrorists are militarily supported by our allies, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Indeed, ISIS has no more loyal backer than Turkey, which serves as its main conduit for jihadists, weapons, medical support and trade. Although Turkey is included in the Coalition against ISIS, it has contributed nothing of significance toward the Coalition's lackluster performance.

It is apparent that the objective of the Turks and Saudis is to impose a murderous theocratic dictatorship on the Syrian people. If they succeed, Christians and other minorities will be slaughtered or sold into slavery. Many good-hearted Sunni and Shia Muslims will also be burned, drowned, crucified and beheaded.

But world opinion is turning against the terrorists and their supporters. The cruel mistreatment of captured Syrian soldiers by terrorists groups is appalling. Many Americans find the behavior of these so-called "moderates" morally abhorrent.

I bled, fighting to defend this nation's honor. I will oppose American support for terrorists, like the Army of Conquest and ISIS that threaten Syria. Many Virginians join in praying that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies will triumph over the forces of evil, and that peace will soon return to Syria.

Thank you for protecting the lives of Christians and of all good people of Syria.

Sincerely, Richard H. Black Senator of Virginia, 13th District."

Senator Black's candid views on Saudi Arabia and Turkey are well outside the norm for American politicians, or at least what they tell the mainstream media.


  1. State Senator Black is completely correct. Anyone who researches just a little bit will find that out. I guess if you get your information from CNN or Fox you might not understand. Here is some starting information. You may have to look around for the complete version.

  2. Black is bang on about Turkey and Saudi Arabia. No comment on his later to Assad as I am not following it close enough to know who the good/bad guys are though Russia's involvement backing Assad is a clear indication he is one of the bad guys. Erdogan is a major threat. The first 10 years of his government were very good and productive but now he is a mini-me of Putin. The Kurds cannot win for losing.

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