Friday, November 9, 2018

Peace Behind Me, War in Front of Me - China Prepares for War

A rather interesting new video began to circulate in China on August 1, 2018, the nation's Army Day.  Here is the video "I am a Chinese Soldier" in all of its nationalistic glory:

There is no English version of this video, however, I think that you can generally get the idea from the scenes presented.  Fortunately, the fine folks at National Interest have translated the narration for us:

"Who am I?

I am the one the mother cannot reach at the door.

I am the wife who is reluctant to hang up the phone.

I am a stranger who dares not approach in the eyes of my son.

I am the concern and pride of my loved ones.

Peace behind me, war in front of me.

Pick up the steel gun, we must let go of the children.

Put on the military uniform, we must give up comfort and ease.

Fighting the battlefield, the character of the man.

From the military to the country, there is no regret in this life.

I am a Chinese soldier.

I am a soldier of the people.

I am the guardian of a good life."

I would have to say that the line "Peace behind me, war in front of me" is the most sobering part of the narration; it clearly states that, from the Chinese perspective, war is inevitable.  The video which clearly shows off the nation's high tech weaponry also outlines the sacrifices that members of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) will make as they serve their nation and their people.

According to Global Firepower, China is ranked number three out of 136 nations considered to be a military power, following the United States in first place and Russia in second place.  Here are a few key statistics about China's military and its ultimate manpower potential, a key part of any war:

- 2.183 million active personnel
- 510,000 reserve personnel
- 2.693 million total military personnel
- 19.55 million reaching military age
- 619 million fit-for-service
- 750 million available for service

Let's compare this to the United States:

- 1.282 million active personnel
- 801,220 reserve personnel
- 2.083 million total military personnel
- 4.22 million reaching military age
- 120.025 million fit-for-service
- 145.215 million available for service

...and Russia:

- 1.014 million active personnel
- 2.573 reserve personnel
- 3.586 million total military personnel
- 1.355 million reaching military age
- 47 million fit-for-service
- 70 million available for service

Obviously, in a long war with high rates of attrition, the nation with the most human resources to draw from is more likely to win if all else is equal (or more-or-less equal).  Given America's history of a shrinking military when measured in terms of manpower, this could prove to be yet another problem if the United States decides to declare war against one (or more, God help us) of its current headline enemies as shown here:

Here is an interesting quote from John Spencer, a former infantry company commander in Iraq, about the servicemen that he was forced to lead:

"In 2008, when I was an infantry company commander in charge of over 140 soldiers in Baghdad, I saw firsthand how the declining number of volunteers is hurting the military. Thirty-six of my men were forced to deploy even though their terms of service were up, a controversial military policy known as “stop loss” or the “back door draft.” To meet the bare minimum number of soldiers, my unit took men who were medically unfit to fight. I had soldiers that could not leave our compound because they were medically prohibited from wearing their body armor or classified as mentally unfit. I had soldiers taking anti-depression, sleeping, anxiety and other drugs. I had a mentally unstable private viciously attack his sergeant, causing lifelong damage, and multiple other problem soldiers that detracted from the combat performance of my unit. This was symptomatic throughout the Army."

He also notes that the current difficulties facing the United States in its attempts to assemble a full force dates back to 1973 when the draft was eliminated.

Under the current reality, it will be interesting to see if the United States adopts a divide and conquer strategy with China and Russia, partnering up with one of its two current foes since, at the very least, it is clearly out-manned and is increasingly under threat technologically.  Given that any war with either foe will most like be fought in foreign territory, the United States faces the ever present logistical problems of recruiting and transporting sufficient military personnel into the theatre of operations in a very short timeframe to push back any moves by opposing forces. 


  1. "He also notes that the current difficulties facing the United States in its attempts to assemble a full force dates back to 1973 when the draft was eliminated."
    You think they'd get the message that the demos doesnt want to be the world's police force, constantly embroiled in foreign military engagements, and thus down-size the Role of the U.S Military accordingly - but nope.

  2. You need to write an article about the negro situation here in the USA.

  3. It is ironic that decades ago America started down a perilous path to build China into a world power as we sought a counterbalance in the region to what we viewed as Russia's growing power. Today our misdirected policies are driving Russia straight into China's open arms.

    The clowns directing such things could not have devised a more self-defeating pathway to take us down if they had made it their goal. The article below explores how trade is soaring between Russia and China and how this is akin to shooting yourself in the foot.

  4. Under the current reality, it will be interesting to see if the United States adopts a divide and conquer strategy with China and Russia, partnering up with one of its two current foes
    Under the current reality, why would either Russia or China partner up against the other with a country that is proven "not agreement capable?"

  5. We must also recognise that, if war develops, the Chinese will be defending against a US attack. Therefore, you can double the effectiveness of the number of forces listed as the Chinese will be defending their Motherland, as the Russians did in WW II, a concept beyond comprehension in the US and elsewhere in the west. Russia will not sit idly by and watch either, they will support their friends in China, even if only covertly, with their submarines.

  6. Strang how so many Americans regard military force and/or war as a normal way of thinking. As a result America has caused numerous bullshit wars since WW2, killed millions of innocents, spread killing equipment all over the globe and convinced many others that the failed American way is the way to go.

  7. War is business and business is good. Might is right. Be polite be professional and have a plan to kill everybody you meet.God bless America.

  8. Notice the article says if the US declares war. Realistic. We are the worst warmongers and regime changers on earth. Actually, the only ones in the last few decades.

  9. A federal government of psychopathic, war-mongering, serial killers and liars. Who would NEVER fight anyone themselves (cowards). Most of these "leaders" use medical excuses to avoid "service" for the "homeland/exceptional"nation. U$A is the only regime-changers on earth in the last few decades. How true, cybervigilante !!