Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mike Pompeo on Latin America - Waging Peace?

In a recent interview with Christina Londono of Telemundo, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clearly showed America's "cards" when it comes to Venezuela and Nicaragua, two nations that are part of John Bolton's Troika of Tyranny as outlined here:

"Yet today, in this Hemisphere, we are also confronted once again with the destructive forces of oppression, socialism, and totalitarianism.

In Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, we see the perils of poisonous ideologies left unchecked, and the dangers of domination and suppression.

This afternoon, I am here to deliver a clear message from the President of the United States on our policy toward these three regimes.

Under this administration, we will no longer appease dictators and despots near our shores.

We will not reward firing squads, torturers, and murderers.

We will champion the independence and liberty of our neighbors.

And this President, and his entire administration, will stand with the freedom fighters.

The Troika of Tyranny in this Hemisphere—Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua—has finally met its match." (my bold)

Here are some key excerpts from the Telemundo interview with Mr. Pompeo:

"I truly hope that the Maduro regime is listening, that they’re going to allow the Venezuelan people to receive food – I mean, it’s just crazy to be talking about a government, a leader who would deny food for his own people and medical care, and I hope he changes his mind. I hope he permits this to move forward. It’s a desperate need, one that has now begun to be met by the world. And what happens if he doesn’t I think the Venezuelan people will ultimately decide." (my bold)

Here is a brief very recent video showing the propaganda being fed to us about Venezuela and the real world situation on the ground according to Max Blumenthal:

Here is another one showing a government subsidized market:

One might almost think that CNN has drunk deeply from Washington's special flavour of Koolaid.

When asked if the United States was ready to give Venezuela an ultimatum or a time table for getting rid of their democratically elected President Maduro, here is what he had to say:

"One of the things the Trump administration’s been very clear about is we don’t show our hand. We don’t tell others what we may do. But I think the Maduro regime completely understands that America is committed to supporting President Guaido and the popular will of the Venezuelan people, and we’re going to be hard at it, not only today and tomorrow as this aid begins to move across the borders, but in the days and weeks and months that follow. This is an objective that we have set to help the Venezuelan people succeed, and we’re determined to achieve that outcome." (my bold)

Actually, to me, that pretty much looks like "showing our hand".

When asked about American assistance for the other two nations in Bolton's Troika of Tyranny, here is the exchange:

"SECRETARY POMPEO: President Trump’s administration has done so and will continue to do so not just in Venezuela but certainly Nicaragua and Cuba as well. And you see that. You see that in the policies. They’re very different from the previous administration. They recognize that these governments are treating their people harshly, presenting real risks, security risks to the people, privacy risks, denying them basic liberties. And these are not the kind of things that ought to happen in the Western Hemisphere, and the United States under President Trump is working diligently in not just Venezuela but each of those two countries to achieve good outcomes for those people. The people need to lead those efforts. I’m convinced that they are determined to do it as well. The American people will support them.

QUESTION: So you’re hoping for a domino effect?

SECRETARY POMPEO: I hope that each of those countries, that the citizens of those countries understand that the yoke of authoritarianism that has been foisted upon them is not necessary, that the corruption of those regimes is not necessary, that the bad behavior and difficult living conditions that those people find themselves in today is not necessary, that they can have a different life and that they’ll contribute their efforts, their goodwill, and their humanity towards achieving a better political situation, both in Venezuela and Nicaragua and Cuba as well." (my bolds)

If you happen to be interested, here is the video of the interview in its entirety.

In a January 2019 speech at The American University in Cairo, Mike Pompeo proudly made the following comment:

"In my office, I keep a Bible open on my desk to remind me of God and His Word, and The Truth."

I guess he's conveniently forgotten this verse:

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."  Matthew 5:9

Interestingly, the word "peace" is found 91 times in the New Testament.  But then again, I guess it all depends on your definition of "peace", doesn't it.


  1. Nothing like telling the world that you are the next three countries for which you are planning regime are Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. Oh, wait. Nobody in South or Central America would watch a Spanish-language US television network.

    The sheer unadulterated arrogance to assume that the USA can overthrow any government it dislikes is only met by the equally arrogant assumption the USA can actually do it.

    Let's see, I think the USA is on its 11th president and I have no idea of how many Secretaries of State since the USA resolved to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

    Still the war against Nicaragua succeeded, oops Daniel Ortega is back.

    Why am I suddenly reminded of the UK just before the Suez fiaco?

  2. " In a January 2019 speech at The American University in Cairo, Mike Pompeo proudly made the following comment:

    In my office, I keep a Bible open on my desk to remind me of God and His Word, and The Truth."

    Let me get this right. Mike Pompeo is in Cairo, the capital of a country that is 80—90% Muslim, and talking to the countries of the Middle East, almost all of whom are majority Muslim and he is describing how he has a bible on his desk? I suppose some of the Ulema might be happy that he was not declaring himself an atheist but I doubt that many were wildly impressed.

    Did not George Bush or Ronald Reagan send the Ayatollah Khomeini an autographed bible?m

    Talk about tin ears!

  3. In Trump Pompeo and Bolton have a stooge they can easily manipulate. No telling what military exercise they are preparing to initiate. The USA continues to do whatever it can to support right-wing governments/dictators - just look at Haiti, Israel, etc - over human rights or left-leaning democratic movements