Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The WEF's CommonPass - Is This the Future of Travel?

For those of us that have been paying attention, there is no doubt that the World Economic Forum and its acolytes are planning to play a significant leadership role in the post-COVID world.  One of the group's initiatives is allegedly being developed so that global trade and global travel can return to pre-pandemic levels.


Let's look at some background first.  The Commons Project is a "nonprofit public trust established to build platforms and services to make life better for people around the world".  Here is the lead page of The Commons Project/CommonPass website:


The trust believes that "everyone should enjoy the full benefit of technology and data while maintaining control over their digital lives."  They also believe that "communities are stronger when data is open and can be shared for the benefit of all".  Here's more information on the group's beliefs:


Here's more information on the Commons Project noting that the project was established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation:


Here is the group's leadership:

Not surprisingly, the co-founder and current CEO, Paul Meyer, is also a WEF "Young Global Leader"   and was a presidential speechwriter at the Clinton White House as shown here:


Many of the other leaders have direct connections with the WEF, the technology sector or the health technology sector.


Here is a list of Common Projects' Global Trustees:


Here are the Common Projects projects that are currently in development:

Now, let's focus on the CommonPass project.  Here is the lead page of The Commons Project/CommonPass website:


You will notice that the Commons Project is working together with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to initiate the CommonPass framework.  


Here's how the WEF is promoting the CommonPass:


Here's what the WEF says about the CommonPass:

"In collaboration with The Commons Project,a non-profit public trust building global digital services and platforms for the common good, the World Economic Forum is supporting the development and launch of CommonPass, an initiative which aims to develop a global, interoperable framework to safely restore cross-border travel to pre-pandemic levels.


The challenge: As countries around the world work to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and restart their economies and tourism, they all face the challenge of how to reopen their borders and allow international travel to resume while protecting their populations’ health. The current patchwork of policies and ever-changing border entry and health screening requirements has made international travel incredibly complex, leaving airlines and border agencies uncertain about the validity of test results and passengers unsure of what is being asked of them.


The solution: CommonPass aims to develop and launch a standard global model to enable people to securely document and present their COVID-19 status (either as test results or an eventual vaccination status) to facilitate international travel and border crossing while keeping their health information private. Recognizing that countries will make sovereign decisions on border entry and health screening requirements, including whether or not to require tests or what type of test to require, CommonPass serves as a neutral platform which creates the interoperability needed for the various 'travel bubbles' to connect and for countries to trust one another's data by leveraging global standards.


For governments, airlines, airports, and other key stakeholders throughout the end-to-end travel journey, CommonPass aims to address these key questions:


1.) How can a lab result or vaccination record from another country be trusted?


2.) Is the lab or vaccination facility accredited/certified?


3.) How do we confirm that the person who took the test is indeed the person who is travelling?


4.) Does the traveler meet border entry requirements?


How it works: In line with protocols and guidelines from international organizations and standards bodies in the aviation and health sectors, CommonPass allows individuals to securely document their COVID-19 status electronically and present it when they board a plane or cross a border.


The framework will:


1.) Allow individuals to collect and store their health information securely and present their health status in conjunction with border crossing and travel requirements.


2.) Support a range of health data inputs, including PCR test results and vaccination records.


3.) Support a range of health screening entry requirements that vary from country to country and will evolve through the course of the pandemic and beyond.


4.) Protect the privacy of individual health data.


5.) Be interoperable across countries and regions.


6.) Be based on proven, international standards and open technologies.


7.) Be operated on an open, independent, sustainable, not-for-profit basis.

In case you are interested, you can click here to find out when CommonPass is publicly available.   


Here is a CommonPass promotional video from the WEF:

Here is a video showing what the application and screening process for the CommonPass looks like and how the system works for travellers:


As you can see from this posting and others that I have written on the World Economic Forum, an unelected group of billionaires, oligarchs and politicians who have only their own best interests at heart, wants to be the "answer" or central clearing house to solving the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, most clearly with a vaccine.  We will be trusting them with our lives and most personal data and, given their track record, they simply do not deserve our servitude to their self-serving agenda nor do they deserve to access and store information about our personal lives.

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