Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Funding Joe Biden - Part 2 - The Campaign

In part one of this two part posting, I looked at the donors who were ingratiating themselves to Joe Biden by funding his inauguration.  In part two, we'll examine who funded his run for the 46th Presidency of the United States, thanks to data provided by Open Secrets.


Let's start by looking at a summary of what was raised and spent by the Biden campaign:


Here is a list of the top campaign and single-candidate groups that supported Joe Biden:


Here is a list of the top contributors which combines money that came from the organizations' PACs, individual members, employees or owners and the immediate family members of those individuals:

Here are the top contributing industries:


Here are the top states and metropolitan areas that contributed to Joe Biden's campaign:


Now, let's look at Biden's donor demographics by gender and by size of donation:


As you can see, the majority of donors contributed less than $500, however, they only accounted for $155.5 million or 17.7 percent of the $880.6 million total in contributions.


Here is a list of the top 20 organizations and individuals who were part of the Biden campaign's "independent expenditures" or so-called "outside spending", those expenditures that are not co-ordinated with either candidates or political parties and whether they supported or opposed Joe Biden:


Notice that the top two independent spenders were opposed Joe Biden's presidency, raising a total of $236.765 million.  It is also interesting to note that the National Rifle Association's Victory Fund raised $11.689 million in its battle for Biden's defeat, not surprising given his stance on firearms.  


Now, in closing, let's look at how much the wealthiest among us spent in 2020 to see their chosen political party occupy the Oval Office and Congress:


The top individual spender on the liberal side was Michael Bloomberg who spent a whopping $151.336 million as follows:



Bloomberg is followed by hedge fund manager Thomas Steyer who spent the following:


In third place among liberal spenders we have Cari Tuna, fo-founder of Good Ventures and wife of Dustin Moscovitz, co-founder of Facebook, who spent the following as a couple:


Given that American politicians are always for sale, it is always interesting to "follow the money", particularly given that some of the big spenders (i.e. Tuna/Moscovitz) have substantial skin in the game when it comes to banning communication from Donald Trump and showing their political bias in how they have attempted to manipulate American voters.

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