Monday, April 4, 2022

How Popular is Vladimir Putin?

Updated May 12, 2022

While Joe Biden may wish that Vladimir Putin would just disappear as shown here:


....Russians feel otherwise according to a recent poll by Levada.


Here is the latest approval rating for Putin:

Since February and over the timeframe that Russia's incursion into Ukraine has taken place, Putin's approval rating has risen from 71 percent to  a high of 83 percent in March 2022, falling very slightly to 82 percent in April 2022.


When asked whether they approved of the activities of their government, Russians responded as follows:

The 68 percent current approval rating of their government is the second highest since the beginning of 2000, falling just short of the 70 percent in March 2022.


In contrast, here is how Russians feel about the United States:


The 17 percent of Russians who have a positive attitude toward the United States is the lowest since January 2015 when only 12 percent of Russians approved of the United States and the 72 percent negative attitude toward the United States is the highest that it has been since July 2014 when it ranged from 74 percent to 73 percent in March 2015.


Now, let's look at Joe Biden's job approval rating:

Given that the United States is more or less split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, it's clear that a substantial portion of Democrats don't approve of their own leader's performance.


Now, let's look at Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's approval rating:


Let's close with the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson's approval rating:


While Western leaders have spent substantial energy vilifying Vladimir Putin in an attempt to see his leadership over Russia terminated, as we can see, Russians are far happier with his performance than Americans, Canadians and British voters are with the performance of their own kakistocracy.  It is wishful thinking that Russians are going to get rid of Putin just because the West says that it is a necessity because Putin is the "new Hitler", in fact, polling would seem to indicate that Russians are quite happy with their nation's activities in Ukraine, their leader's performance and the state of their homeland in general.


  1. Awesome article. They tried HARD to do the same with my country ,Hungary, and failed miserably!

  2. The world is due for a "Systemic Change"

    China and Russia and many other countries have been stocking up on Gold anyway in anticipation of a Systemic Collapase.
    The Dominoes are indeed going to go down but the main casualty will be the Western Banking Cabal who charge us interest on our own money - good riddance! - 1913 and 1694 needs to be undone. The worlds "vulnerable" are being genocided anyway under the current system .

    I watched the "hockey Stick" transition of all Eastern European Economies first hand when their system came down . Yes difficult for a couple of years but soon much better- so it will be Globally.
    The main point to draw is that we will all end up on a much more equitable, people orientated, system of money .
    Debt forgiveness has to be admitted as part of this Jubilee.

    The new system - whether this is the much vaunted QFS or not - will be based on money having a real foundation as opposed to being a giant ponzi system.

    If you believe Putin is Xi's bitch you are sorely mistaken. Putin is a master of "Statecraft" and has vowed publicly to unseat The Satanists.

    Listen to Dave:

  3. It is not surprising that Putin is popular, particularly among those who survived the 1990's or even grew up listening to their parents horror stories of those times.

    He and his team are actually quite competent especially in comparison to the Keystone Cops in London or the Ship of Fools in Washington.

    Trudeau and crew in Ottawa are fairly competent as long as one keeps them away from international affairs. I think they have made some horrible policy decisions but at least most of them are not totally mad or completely corrupt. Also one has to take into account that much of Alberta (and a good bit of Saskatchewan?) hate the very name Trudeau due his father's National Energy Policy.

    The massive amount of hatred that people in much af the EU and in Canada and the USA are showing towards anything Russian must have shocked Russians and just reinforced Putin's popularity. Sanctions probably have helped too. I have long speculated that the only thing that kept Castro in office so long was US anti-Cuban policy.

    BTW did you see the report that the University of Florida has renamed a study room honoring economist and philosopher Karl Marx following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    A Prussian-born socialist who spent much of his adult life in Britain. Oh it just struck me: "Prussia", "Russia", an easy mistake to make.

    1. No, I hadn't seen that story but there are a good number of similar ones out there like this one:

      As the past two years have taught me, there is no such thing as peak stupid!

  4. But at least Tchaikovsky was Russian. I doubt that Marx had ever even visited the country.

    there is no such thing as peak stupid!

    Seems that way.