Friday, March 5, 2021

The Importance of Following the Money During the COVID-19 Pandemic

it has become increasingly apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic that, if you want to understand the narrative being propagated by governments, public health officials, Big Pharma and the mainstream media that you need to follow the money.  In this posting, I am just going to present you with the facts showing the complex relationship between public health officials, the medical profession and Big Pharma without drawing any conclusions about potential conflicts of interest.  I will leave that up to you.


The Chief Public Health Officer of Toronto is Dr. Eileen de Villa as shown here:

It is Dr. de Villa's agenda that is driving Toronto's response to the pandemic, making it one of the cities with the longest continuous lockdowns in North America as shown on this table dated March 3, 2021 from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business which, as you can imagine, has taken a terrible toll on the city's small business community:


Here is a small excerpt from a recent interview with Dr. de Villa on the subject of vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic:


"If there's a lot of interest in vaccination for COVID-19. I think that's great. That's exactly what we want to see. So, there is a provincial framework and a prioritization framework for providing those vaccines. Those of us here at Toronto Public Health, our city partners, and our healthcare partners who are providing vaccines in the city are following that framework. What is at issue right now is that there isn't a lot of supply. So, the vaccine is coming in not in huge amounts yet. So, what's happening is that we, as vaccination partners here in the city, are working with the supply that we have following the provincial prioritization framework. Going through that in a very appropriate fashion in keeping with what's been provided by the province. When we have more vaccines, we'll be able to do this in a bigger way. Right now, we're doing things in accordance with the framework and in accordance with what is available in terms of supply. I'm pleased in East Toronto; it sounds like they were able to provide vaccines to certain older members of their community. That's fabulous. As more vaccine becomes available, we're going to do the same, not only older members of our population but over time to everybody who wants one."


When asked about the 300,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine being delivered to Toronto on March 3, 2021, here is her response:


"First and foremost, when it comes to supply a vaccine, actually getting a vaccine into the country is the responsibility of the federal government. Bringing it into the province and then distributing it is the responsibility of the provincial government itself. We had heard in very high-level terms that we should be expecting the in the province AstraZeneca vaccine to come in the not-too-distant future, but without specific timelines, and how that will be allocated and where it will all go. Again, very high-level details, nothing really provided except to say that it's coming into the province. And the hope is that we will try to get that out as soon as possible. But I actually don't have specific details quite yet on that. Looking forward to hearing those and certainly, really looking forward to being able to participate actively as the City of Toronto and as Toronto Public Health, in particular, in vaccinating people as supply becomes more available.


Now, let's look at another individual, Dr. Richard Choi, a cardiologist at Toronto's St. Joseph's Health Center and a lecturer in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto as shown here:


Back in June 2020, Dr. Choi appeared as a panelist on a discussion about vascular protective strategies in high risk patients as shown here:



Now, let's look at Dr. Choi's "speaker's disclosure" from the discussion panel:


BMS/Pfizer, one of his funders, is an alliance/collaboration between two of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies as shown here



As you are probably aware, both Pfizer and itsBNT162b2 (or Tozinameran) vaccine and AstraZeneca and its AZD1222 (or ChAdOx1) vaccine were developed for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Now, you might wonder why I have provided background information on these two doctors.  Well, as it happens, Eileen de Villa and Richard Choi are married to each other as shown here:



...and here:



Let's summarize.  The husband of the physician/public health official in charge of Toronto's COVID-19 pandemic response has received funding from two of the big players in the COVID-19 vaccine wars; AstraZeneca and Pfizer.


As I said at the beginning of this posting, it is always important to follow the money, a catchphrase that is proving to be particularly pertinent during the current pandemic.

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