Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Independence of Dr. Leana Wen, COVID-19 Vaccine Expert

Dr.  Leana Wen has been a regular on the mainstream media during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Let's take a closer look at this "expert" and her background to better understand her beliefs and proclamations.


Let's start with this for background:


Here is a recent tweet that appeared on her Twitter account:


Here is the opinion piece in The Washington Post which she is unabashedly promoting:


Here is a quote from her opinion piece with my bolds:


"After much delay, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued interim guidance on Monday for what fully vaccinated people can do. While some guidance is better than no guidance, the guidelines are too timid and too limited, and they fail to tie reopening guidance with vaccination status. As a result, the CDC missed a critical opportunity to incentivize Americans to be vaccinated....

...I’ve written before about my concern that the single biggest impediment to reaching herd immunity will be vaccine hesitancy. People need to be given incentives to get the vaccine. I know that for those desperate to be vaccinated, it’s unimaginable that someone could turn down safe and highly effective vaccines that could save their lives. The reality is that millions of Americans will not get vaccinated unless they see something in it for them. That something is the freedom to return to normalcy.


As more states lift restrictions, the Biden administration has a narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination. It can suggest to states, for example, that businesses do not need capacity limits for fully vaccinated people, but if businesses are not checking vaccination status, they should still limit capacity indoors. Interstate and international travel should require pre-travel testing and post-travel quarantine, which would be waived for people with proof of vaccination. Yes, there’s a risk that those vaccinated could still be low-level carriers of the coronavirus. That risk is offset by the greater risk of waiting: At some point soon, everything will be fully reopened anyway, and there will be no carrot left to offer."


To have our best chance of achieving herd immunity and ending the pandemic once and for all, vaccines should be presented as the ticket back to pre-pandemic life. Time is running out for the CDC and the Biden administration to embrace this approach."


Here is another tweet from her account from a recent appearance on CNN with Chris Cuomo (please click on the link and listen to Wen's musings):

If you take a quick look through Dr. Wen's Twitter account, you will very quickly be able to ascertain her COVID-19 narrative.


With that background and as I am prone to do, let's look more deeply at Dr. Wen.  Here is her webpage on the World Economic Forum's website, the architects of the post-pandemic Great Reset:


Here she is again, speaking at a conference sponsored by "you know who" (Bill Gates also known, in this case, as the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproduction):



Wen was also a keynote speaker at the Gates Cambridge Alumni Association/Gates Cambridge Memorial Lecture in 2020 as shown here:


Dr. Wen also just happens to be a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, a left-leaning and highly influential Washington-based think-tank as shown here:  


Interestingly, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has also funded the Brookings Institute as shown here:

As I hope that I have showed you, Dr. Wen is very, very clearly is not your normal physician.

So, now that we know who owns Dr. Leana Wen, should we respect her views on the COVID-19 vaccine?  Is she truly independent of outside influence or is her agenda driven by her association with the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates.  Unfortunately, we'll never know and the fact that she is not upfront about her association with either organization is, to put it mildly, concerning.

As I have said repeatedly during the pandemic, follow the money...and, in this case, the affiliations.  It's the only way to ascertain an "expert's" bias.

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