Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A Quiet Earth - The World Economic Forum's Dystopic Blueprint for Our Global Future

As those of us who live in the so-called advanced economies of the world have become well aware, governments are, for the first time, using universal lockdowns of both healthy and unhealthy individuals in an attempt to beat back "the most deadly pandemic ever to plague humanity" (their words, not mine).  Fortunately for all of us and for our long-term benefit, our overlords at the World Economic Forum are only too happy to tell us about the upside of the shuttering of businesses, factories and households.


On February 26, 2021, this appeared on the WEF's Twitter feed:

After significant backlash from the useless eaters, the WEF did take down the tweet as you can see here:

....however, thanks to the internet that never forgets anything, here is the video that accompanied the original tweet (at least until the YouTube gods censor it for some random reason):

So, basically, the upside of the loss of trillions of dollars worth of economic activity, the deaths of millions of people linked directly and indirectly to the COVID-19 pandemic, lives and livelihoods being destroyed and businesses disappearing because of a lack of demand for their services, the WEF is okay with the "new normal" because the accompanying quiet is good for the planet.  Basically, our overlords at the WEF are telling us  in no uncertain terms that humans are bad for Planet Earth.


Once the WEF realized that their message was not being well received, here's what appeared in its place:


You will notice that there is no apology to the useless eaters/serf class for the WEF's insensitive posting.

The tweet links to this sanitized article:



Here are some quotes from the WEF missive as written by Reuters staff:


"1.) Lockdowns significantly reduced human activity and its impact on the planet’s crust, leading to Earth's quietest period in decades.


2.) Ambient noise generated by travelling and factories dropped by 50% to the lowest levels ever recorded.


3.) Lower background noise meant smaller earthquakes that would otherwise not have been observed, were detected.


4.) These smaller tremors allow scientists to understand the seismic threat of minor hazards, and help assess the probability of larger earthquakes.


The team, which included experts from the Swiss Seismological Service at ETH Zurich, a university, measured lower noise levels at 185 of the 268 seismic stations analysed around the world.


Urban ambient noise fell by up to 50% at some measuring stations during the tightest lockdown weeks, as buses and train services were reduced, aircraft grounded and factories shuttered.


This made it much quieter than Christmas, traditionally the quietest time of the year.


“The weeks during lockdown were the quietest period we have on record,” said seismologist John Clinton, referring to data archives covering the last 20 years.


“With human noise always increasing, it is highly likely that it was the quietest period for a very long time.”...


...Lower background noise during lockdowns also means small earthquakes that otherwise would not be observed have been detected in some places.


Small tremors allow us to improve our understanding of the seismic hazard, said scientist Frederick Massin, and also help assess the probability of larger earthquakes in the future."


Isn't it reassuring to find out that your personal well-being takes second place to the interests of the world's seismologists?  Just stay at home, stay out of trouble and the World Economic Forum's plutocrats will take care of all of your needs.  Once again, the WEF has clearly set out yet another aspect of its blueprint for our dystopian "Great Reset" futures.

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  1. fuck them and all of their indication to bring the people to do or not do a thing when they can do everything , they are omnipotent hwile the average people must die or worse