Monday, August 2, 2021

Bill Gates - How the Useful Eaters Live and Travel

Back in April 2021, I posted this missive on Bill Gates and his carbon footprint, an issue that is of some interest given Gates' repeated narrative that the world cannot survive in its current form without his valuable input on climate change.  In that posting, we learned that, among a sample of the world's elite/high value individuals, Gates has a very large carbon footprint thanks to his extensive global travels in his private jet.


In early 2021, Gates was making the talk show circuit, shamelessly promoting his book on climate change and how we can avoid a climate catastrophe.  While lecturing us on reducing our carbon-laden impact on the global climate, it became quite clear that it was a clear-cut example of "rules for thee but not for me".  Recent news from Turkey shows that Gates is quite happy to throw his wealth in the faces of the useless eaters who need to wean themselves from their red meat diet and gas guzzling automobiles to save the world.


Here is the news item of interest as reported by the Daily Sabah, a Turkish daily news source dated July 28, 2021:



Of course, there must be a good reason for Bill Gates to travel to Turkey.  Again, according to the Daily Sabah on April 28, 2021, this report appeared:



So there you have it.  Bill Gates really does have a very, very good reason to travel by private jet and yacht to check out his land holdings in Turkey and treat himself and a few friends/other useful eaters with a $10,000 dinner while the rest of the useless eaters and unwashed masses consume weeds and insects.  But then again, it is entirely possible that his yacht and private jet are fuelled with unicorn farts and exhaust fairy dust into the atmosphere, making the world a whole lot better for all of us.

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