Monday, November 29, 2021

The World Economic Forum - Threats to Klaus Schwab's Vision of the New Global Order

While I rarely quote from the legacy media because of their reputation for nonfactual reporting, a recent story in an overseas media platform drew my attention and this posting is based on a news item dated November 27, 2021.  


As anyone who has been paying attention over the past two years (give or take a couple of months), our overlords have begun to roll out their plans for what the world will look like after the pandemic.  This is being undertaken using the Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Build Back Better monikers which, on the surface, sound like the world will become a utopia for the useless eater/organ donor class.  The greatest proponent of this philosophy is Klaus Schwab, leader and founder of the World Economic Forum which is taking the publicly proclaimed lead on this issue.  Schwab is joined by the world's elite/private jet class in transforming the world to a private-public partnership where governments and the world's most influential corporations take the lead in a new world order.  The WEF's vision has flown pretty much under the mainstream media's radar even though they are a key part of the program since it is their promotion that will brainwash the masses into accepting their new role in a society that suffers from hyper inequality.  That said, there are a growing number of the proletariat who have become aware of the WEF's agenda and have done what they can to ensure that the public is well informed on the intents of the global aristocracy.


Now, let's look at the recent news item on the WEF which appeared on the SwissInfo website:



Here is a quote from the article with my bolds:


"Members of the Open Forum event have increasingly been intimidated and even received death threats from conspiracy theorists during the Covid pandemic, a spokesman for the forum organisers told the Swiss news agency, Keystone-SDA, on Friday.


It was decided to cancel the event in January as it was difficult to ensure security at an open doors event, the spokesman added.


Additional measures have been taken, including regular postal mail checks, he said but gave no further details.


The Open Forum panel discussions at a local school in Davos were launched in 2003 following criticism about the closed-door main WEF event."

I love how they refer to anti-WEFer's as "conspiracy theorists".  We are far from seeing conspiracies given that the World Economic Forum has been very clear in outlining its vision for the post-pandemic world.

Here is a bit of background on the Open Forum from the WEF's website:


See, the global rulers really DO care about what the useless masses have to say!  But, apparently not enough to actually put themselves at risk by attending the Open Forum sessions.


Recall that the World Economic Forum believes and uses its online platform to promote the following:


1.) Cold Showers:


2.) Eat Weeds:


3.) Eat Insects:


4.) ...and, most importantly, own nothing:


And, let's not forget that Schwab is a big promoter of a transhuman/post-Homo sapiens world as quoted from Chapter 11 Section 2.3 in his Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution missive:


"The future will challenge our understanding of what it means to be human, from both a biological and a social standpoint. Emerging biotechnology agendas promise to improve and augment human lifespans and to enhance physical and mental health. The opportunity for the integration of digital technologies with biological tissues is also growing, and what that portends for the next decades is inspiring a range of emotions, from hope to wonder to fear.


After all, it is the very least that the grubby, sweat while we work class can do to save the world's resources for the ruling class, isn't it?


Unfortunately for the WEF who believe that the world is comprised of chess pieces that make predictable moves, the behaviour of all human beings cannot be predicted.  Each of us has the capacity to make choices that are in our best personal and collective interests.  While the vast majority of humans just go along with the flow, a significant minority will choose their own path and will believe that the World Economic Forum's view of the world will lead to a dystopia that must be halted in its tracks.  Perhaps the latest development in Klaus Schwab's world will cause him to ponder the wisdom of trying to herd human beings which, apparently, is akin to herding cats.  It looks good on paper but doesn't work in reality.


Klaus, it's like you said just over a year ago, you had better prepare for an angrier world:


...because it looks like it may be here.  Maybe it's just time for Klaus to take that well-deserved retirement.

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