Monday, August 29, 2022

Vostok-2022 Exercises: Another Sign of the End of the Unipolar World Order

One of my favourite non-Western news sources is Global Times, a media outlet that represents the views of China's Communist Party, an insider's viewpoint that Westerners rarely hear.  In a recent edition, I found this interesting article:


China's participation in the Vostok-2022 exercise was also noted by Russia's TASS News Agency as shown here:



This is the first time that the People's Liberation Army has sent ground, naval and air forces to Vostok.


As an aside, not only is China participating, but troops from another nation in the region will also be attending as shown here:



The 2022 edition of the Vostok military exercises will take place between August 30 and September 5, 2022 and will involve military personnel from the aforementioned China and India as well as from Belarus, Mongolia, Tajikistan and other nations.  Russia's military will lead the exercises which will be under the command of Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov.


Despite that fact that Russia has been vilified by the West since its military actions in Ukraine, reducing it to a pariah state, the Vostok-2022 exercises prove to that Russia still has the diplomatic power to organize other nations into its military orbit.


Here is the announcement of China's participation in Vostok-2022 as found on the nation's Ministry of Defense English language website:


One can only hope that Washington notes the second sentence of the announcement given that both nations regard the United States as a "security threat":


"The Chinese military's participation in the exercise is unrelated to the current international and regional situation, but designed to deepen practical and friendly cooperation with the militaries of participating countries, enhance the level of strategic coordination and strengthen the ability to cope with various security threats."


The growing bonhomie between Russia and China has been on exhibit for several years with the militaries of the two nations increasingly interacting as shown in this press release from China's Ministry of Defense, announcing its participation in the International Army Games that were held in a Moscow suburb during the second-last week of August 2022:


..and this press release announcing China's participation in the Sea Cup vessel contest of the International Army Games:


Given that the ties between China and Russia are now the closest that they have been since the end of the Cold War, this partnership bears watching as it is the greatest threat to Washington's fading global dominance and could well signal the death throes of the unipolar world order that has been America's reality since the collapse of the USSR.

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