Sunday, August 14, 2022

China, Human Rights and American Repentance

Following the furor that was raised over Nancy Pelosi's controversial August 12th, 2022 visit to Taiwan and the fact that several members of Congress are about to follow in her footsteps as shown here:



....China has, once again, weighed into the issue during a recent press conference held by China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Wang Wenbin.

On August 12, 2022, a representative from China's CCTV, a state-owned broadcaster controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, posed the following question to Wang Wenbin:


"US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at a recent press conference with the Congressional delegation to Asia that Taiwan is one of the freest “countries” in the world and their visit is to salute this democracy. She also noted that the visit signals no departure from the US government’s one-China policy and they are not trying to upset the status quo across the Taiwan Strait. What’s your comment?"


Here is the response from Wang Wenbin:


"Pelosi’s remarks are further proof that her visit to China’s Taiwan region shows connivance and support for “Taiwan independence” separatist forces. She openly referred to Taiwan as a “country”. This is a serious political provocation that violates the one-China principle and the three Sino-US joint communiqu├ęs. The DPP authorities have redoubled efforts within the island to remove the Chinese identity of Taiwan and push for “incremental independence”, and sought every means to create “two Chinas” and “one China, one Taiwan” in the international arena. Against such a background, Pelosi chose to visit Taiwan and claimed in a high-profile fashion that she was there on behalf of the US. The visit was clearly official in nature and aimed to provoke cross-Strait confrontation and interfere in China’s internal affairs. This is an extremely egregious move. To defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity, to uphold the basic norm in international relations of non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs, and to truly safeguard peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, China has every right to take resolute countermeasures in response to the US’s provocations. Such measures are absolutely necessary under those circumstances."


Here is the key part of his response with my bolds:


"Pelosi will achieve nothing by using democracy as a pretext for her visit. Her visit has nothing to do with democracy. It was a political stunt that went against the will of the more than 1.4 billion Chinese people, including our compatriots in Taiwan, and challenged the one-China principle widely accepted by the international community. Her visit tramples on democracy and shows how the US puts its selfish interests above international justice. If Pelosi truly cares about democracy and human rights, she should visit Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya instead, where she could express repentance over the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed by the US military and vow to prevent such atrocities caused by US violation of UN Charter and norms in international relations from happening again."


In a Google search, the only reference to this comment about American repentance was found on Iran's Press TV as shown here:


You have to admit that it's pretty hard to argue with China's logic, isn't it?  The members of Congress who are visiting Taiwan would do well to keep that in mind during their visit to Taiwan.

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