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How the World Economic Forum Defends Its "You'll Own Nothing and Be Happy" Narrative

On July 25, 2022, this story appeared on Rappler:


Before we dig into the article, let's look at the publisher of the story.  Rappler is a Phillipines-based online news website.  Rappler has received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a private, not for profit foundation which is "...dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world".  It was launched in the early 1980s and, although it claims that  it is not an agency or establishment of the United States government, it is largely funded by the United States Congress, giving it the ability to make more than 2000 grants annually to support the projects of non-governmental groups outside of the United States who are working for democratic goals.


Here is the funding that NED has provided to Rappler:


Rappler also receives funding from the Omidyar Network, a philanthropic organization founded by Pierre Omidyar as shown here:


Pierre Omidyar is the founder of eBay and the 217th richest person in the world according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

With that background let's look at the Rappler article in question,.


In this article, the author, Adrian Monck (we'll look in more detail at Mr. Monck later) writes a missive which seeks to explain this article which appeared on the World Economic Forum website back in 2016 and has created significant angst among those of us paying attention over the past two years:


For some reason, while the original article has been scrubbed from the WEF website due to alleged threats against the author, Ida Auken (according to the Rappler article), this copy still exists on the Forbes website:



In his missive, Monck spends a great deal of effort to convince the world that the "Own Nothing and Be Happy" narrative is merely a part of the World Economic Forum's attempts to "...spark debate about socio-economic developments".  While the article received relatively little attention for four years, Monck notes that the article went viral when it was picked up by an anonymous anti-semitic account on 4chan.  He also claims that the unmoderated board was used by operators of a Russian propaganda campaign which existed to stir Far Right outrage about COVID-19 and perpetuate domestic extremism.  Here's a quote:


"The pandemic magnified many societal ills. The mistrust in governments and leaders that had been building before played into the hands of both fringe groups and state-sponsored actors looking to undermine and weaken rivals. Both came together on the anonymous dark web in places like 4chan’s “politically incorrect” image board. 

The board, which is completely unmoderated, was also used by operators of a Russian propaganda campaign, active since 2014. The intent was apparently to spread disinformation in a bid to stir Far Right outrage about COVID-19 and perpetuate domestic extremism. The means was often via bots that would push a Far Right conspiracy theory to communities on boards such as 4chan. 

Recent analysis explains how this context brought extremists together “using rhetoric that trivialized National Socialism and the Holocaust.” This same Far Right, Holocaust-denying cohort latched onto “The Great Reset,” claiming that the Forum was part of a group that “orchestrated the pandemic to take control of the global economy.”

A number of threads appeared in this vein, dedicated to the Great Reset. One such 4chan thread linked the pandemic, the alleged nefarious control that the Forum exercises over the global economy, and the idea that “You’ll own nothing and be happy.”"

He goes on to note that the anti-WEF campaign went viral and captured the "warped imagination of conspiracy and fringe groups" and that more mainstream right wing organizations (i.e. Fox News and Sky News Australia) used the phrase as a "dog-whistle".  He even states that Pierre Poilievre, a Canadian Member of Parliament and front-runner for the leadership of the Conservative party, used the "You'll own nothing" mantra to discredit Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government as shown here:

Just so he remains current, Monck goes on to discuss how the WEF has long been concerned about disinformation as quoted here:

"As far back as 2013, the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risks Report flagged disinformation as a concern, warning then that disinformation could spark “digital wildfires” in our hyper-connected world.

Today, that warning has largely been born out. Disinformation is a serious challenge for regulators, a minefield for individuals who seek the facts, and a barrier to governments and organizations wanting to disseminate important information. 

The consequences of unabated disinformation are dangerous. Disinformation concerning COVID-19 and vaccines cost lives during the pandemic...

The story of “You’ll own nothing and be happy” is anything but trivial and offers valuable insights into how disinformation is created and why it’s essential not to perpetuate its spread."

I'm betting that the WEF wishes that it had kept this particular aspect of its vision for the future under wraps until the global elites had the opportunity to spring it on the unsuspecting useless eater class.

And, here are his concluding remarks:

"In a world where the trolls win, more forward-thinking conversations like the one Auken tried to initiate will be tarnished."

Now, as promised, here is background information on Adrian Monck:

Mr. Monck just happens to be the Managing Director of the World Economic Forum.  I'm sure that his views reflect only his own version of the truth and have absolutely nothing to do with defending the Great Reset narrative promoted by his employer.


There is more to this story.  This same article appeared on the website of one of Canada's most influential left-leaning, pro-Liberal newspapers, the Globe and Mail, on August 5, 2022 as shown here:

One might wonder why Canada has been singled out for such auspicious attention by the World Economic Forum.  There are three reasons:

1.) Chrystia Freeland - Canada's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister and WEF Board of Trustees member and the woman responsible for freezing the assets of Canadians who she found disagreeable during the truckers' protest in February 2022:

2.) Mark Carney: Former Deputy Governor and Governor of the Bank of Canada and WEF Board of Trustees member:

3.) The mention of Pierre Poilievre in the article is very timely given that his party, the Conservative Party of Canada, is currently holding its leadership campaign and he is considered to be a frontrunner and a significant threat to Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party.  For your information, the party's new leader will be officially unveiled to the public on September 10, 2022.  It is also interesting to note that one of Klaus Schwab's disciples is none other than Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as shown here and the WEF simply cannot have him replaced by a populist-led Conservative government, can they?

It is interesting to see how complex the globalist cabal is when it comes to promoting their narrative.  While the World Economic Forum may just be serving as the advertising arm of the Great Reset/New World Order/Global Government, it is interesting to see the efforts that WEF insiders make to protect their organization from public scrutiny and public criticism.  In Mr. Monck's diatribe not once does he make any apologies on behalf of his cult leader, rather, he deflects the blame for the entire "misunderstanding" on the far right wing and hate group members.   If it was the World Economic's Forum to create an atmosphere of debate, they should consider their efforts to be highly successful when it comes to the useless eaters "owning nothing and being happy".  

While the ruling class love to tout any criticism of their agendas as a "conspiracy theory", as the past two and a half years have taught us, the only difference between a conspiracy theory and fact is six months.

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