Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Working Hard for Canada - Rob Anders Catches a Quick One

For those of you that have always wondered what goes on behind the back of whoever is speaking in Canada's House of Commons, here's a most illuminating video:

For those of you who aren't familiar with Mr. Rob Anders, he's the Conservative MP for Calgary West and has represented that riding since 1997.  Here's a quote about the rather controversial MP from his leader and ours, one Stephen Harper:

"Rob is a true reformer and a true conservative. He has been a faithful supporter of mine and I am grateful for his work."

In 2010, nineteen members of Mr. Anders' riding association resigned because of interference from the Conservative Party over whether the riding association should hold a nomination meeting to turf Mr. Anders.

Now, let's do a blow by blow of the video:

1.) Mr. Anders head nods forward, in the reptilian core of his mind he must realize that he is on camera so he snaps it back upright and removes his glasses as if that will solve the problem that a good eight hours of sleep won’t.

2.) His blinking pattern becomes very slow and his head slowly rotates backwards until he awakens momentarily and he snaps it forward and actually appears to be conscious for a moment.

3.) He blinks and then his head slowly drifts down until his chin touches the knot in his tie and he finally reaches that sweet, sweet moment of REM sleep.  I wonder if he’s dreaming about trashing that nasty old Wheat Board?

All of this is ours for a mere $157,731 plus expenses and, ultimately, plus one heck of a nice pension considering his 14 years of "service".  So far he's earned just short of $2 million plus expenses for his time in the House.  Between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011 he also incurred additional expenses of $421,192.65, including $63,931 on travel and a rather hefty $17,395.40 mailing out those ten-percenters that Canadians toss into the waste bucket the minute they look through their mail.  Here's a screen capture showing his entitlement package:

To put Mr. Anders expenses into perspective, here's his fellow Conservative MP Ted Menzies spent during the same time period while he had the high profile position of Parliamentary Secretary to Canada's Finance Minister:

Here's a wee tip for our Prime Minister.  If you insist on keeping Mr. Anders around, it might look better if you relegate him to the backbenches where he can power nap off camera.

...and to think that Mr. Harper thinks that Canada most certainly cannot do without another 30 hard-wrking MPs.


  1. Politicians are, always have been, and will always be the pond scum that rises to the top.
    The freeloaders are drawn by lavish salaries, pensions, and benefits. All this without really having any discernible skills and the best part is, they don't actually have to 'work' in the classic sense. Kissing babies, shaking hands vigorously whilst smiling a little too much, flapping gums is all you really need to do! This specimen is set for life - he never has to do another days work his entire life and will spend it very comfortably.

  2. It's most unfortunate and a rather sad commentary on democracy.

  3. I have definitely no thought why the Committee was struck with the very first place.