Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classic Mayor Rob Ford

Now that the Mayor of Toronto is front page news again, here are a handful of classic Rob Ford moments for your perusal.   I realize that these are reruns for some of you, however, not all of us pay attention to everything that goes on in Toronto all of the time:

Manitoba next to Detroit?  I thought that we all learned basic Canadian geography in Grade 4 but apparently not all of us did.

Apparently, despite helping young men with footballs, actually tossing a football is not one of his strengths either:

Here are his comments on bike lanes:

It would appear that he's not much of a cyclist either.

There's a strong message for the Mayor in this one:

Here he is setting a good example for drivers everywhere:

And, lastly, this face-first collision with a video camera:

At least the Mayor of Toronto has kept us amply entertained since the fall of 2010...and before that.


  1. As a Canadian citizen, how did this idiot get voted in... Oh by the same sheep that voted Harper in.

  2. Sheep are smarter than the people who voted for Ford, Harper, and Mike Harris.