Friday, November 15, 2013

More Classic Rob Ford Moments

I apologize in advance for yet another Rob Ford posting but, like many Canadians, watching a politician implode is like passing a car accident on a highway.  You just can't help but rubberneck.  I think part of the fascination is that, during my lifetime, Canada has never experienced a political circus that has been this entertaining.

The mainstream media was positively aghast earlier this week at Rob Ford's use of rather colloquial language or what some would term "unparliamentary speech".  I wanted to post one video showing that, while this week's reference was particularly crude when Mr. Ford dragged his wife into it, his use of locker room speech is not particularly rare.

In this video from 2005, City Councillor Rob Ford takes great offence at allegedly being called a pejorative name by former Globe and Mail reporter John Barber.  Mr. Ford actually misses the name-calling but his pal, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti catches it and eggs on the discussion that follows:

Incidentally, although Mr. Mammoliti made this motion commonly associated with smoking a doobie while Mr. Ford was making a gesture that all Councillors should be subjected to a drug test that he would pay for:

....Mr. Mammoliti was one of only three Councillors other than Mr. Ford's brother Doug to vote against a motion that urged the Mayor to take a leave of absence.

This video, in conjunction with the first video, shows that Mr. Ford certainly has a sense of decorum that goes along with his rage.  In this video, Councillor Rob Ford waxes poetically regarding an issue of budgetary funding even when his microphone is turned off by the Speaker:

I really like it when the Speaker suggests that the other Councillors "just let him yell for a minute and blow off his steam and then we'll go on with the meeting" like Mr. Ford is the habitually misbehaving brat in an elementary school classroom that is best ignored by the other students.

I hope that you enjoyed yet another look at the character that is Rob Ford.

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