Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gaza Daily Major Incidents Report

Updated August 30, 2014

While the world has moved on and the violence between Israel and the residents of the Gaza is no longer page one news, as you can see, I'm still recording the ongoing hostilities that are chronicled on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) website.  Their daily Emergency Reports of the situation in the Gaza provide a relatively unbiased summary of what is happening on the other side of Israel's no go zone that follows the border between the two states.

For your information, here is a chart summarizing what UNRWA terms "major incidents" which includes the number of daily cross-border rocket, mortar, missile and navy and tank shell incidents since the beginning of the conflict in early July:

Please note that no data was given for July 18th, 2014 and that the data for July 19th only provided the totals for both sides.  Also note that I have provided a ratio of the armaments that both sides trade with each other; since early on, for every rocket or mortar that is sourced from the Gaza, Israel's Defence Forces respond with nearly 5 missiles, naval shells or tank shells.

Here is a bar graph comparing the total number of "major incidents" for each side of the conflict:

For your information, I will be updating this posting on a daily basis as UNRWA provides the public with the data.  I will not be adding any personal editorial comments or background information to this posting.  If you wish to get more background information on the conflict, you can either refer to my previous postings that you can find here, here and here or the UNRWA website.

As well, UNRWA announced that they now have 55,849 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in 85 shelters.  There have been 2104 Palestinian deaths, 1462 of which have been civilian, and 67 Israeli deaths linked directly to the hostilities.

Just to help those of us who are far removed from the action, here is a video showing what a Gaza-based rocket attack is like from the Israeli perspective:

Here is a video that shows what an IDF-based attack is like from the Palestinian perspective:

How utterly horrifying.


  1. President Not SureJuly 31, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    Yes, that first video is crazy because it shows how many innocent people dont have to die when their democratically elected government spends millions upon millions of dollars to ensure that all of its citizens, of every race and religion, are able to get into a bomb shelter to save them from indiscriminate rocket fire.

    Its even crazier how your second video shows how many innocent people die when their democratically elected leaders spend all of their money on rockets and none on bomb shelters. It also shows how many innocent people die when they allow their democratically elected government to fire rockets from schools, mosques, and hospitals knowing that the innocent people they are targeting will retaliate by bombing the locations that those rockets were launched from.

    I dont blame Israel for protecting themselves. I dont blame the Palestines for being upset that members of their family are dead. I do blame the people of Israel for electing the leaders that refuse to make the tough choices needed to keep Israel safe. I do blame the Palestinians for electing Hamas as their leaders, for allowing Hamas to use their women and children as human shields, and for brainwashing their children with characters like Farfour, Nassur, Nahoul, and Assoud into thinking that dying while trying to kill Jews is a good thing.

    1. Israel is the only racist, militaristic, bullying, arrogant, mooching-off-America, hypocritical, apartheid, US-citizen-killing, Holocaust-worshipping, International-law-snubbing, land-stealing, water-robbing, lying-spying, victim-blaming, crocodile-tears-shedding, nuclear, theocratic democracy in the Mideast.

      Its supporters would have backed Adolf, Inc.

      Sieg, Bibi!

    2. Jews killed their own kids at Masada, got booted from almost every civilized nation, and have warred on native people for 65 years in order to steal their land.

      Tell us again why the Holocaust should matter, given that the Fourth Reich is pushing one on Arabs?

  2. Gee, Mr. President, I would be able to protect Israel a whole lot better if we knew where Israel's borders are. Can you tell me? After all, we need to protect Israel, the Israel inside of Israel's borders. Where are they?
    If Israel is going to go out and steal land, and not stay within their borders, people are going to shoot stuff at them. And have a perfect right to do it, since Israel is an agressor. So why don't you start by telling us where Israel is, where its borders and boundaries are, and we can protect them within those borders.

    But you can't tell me where Israel's borders are, can you?

  3. It shows how many innocent people don't have to die when their democratically elected government spends millions upon millions of dollars to ensure that only guilty people were harmed during Kristollnacht and subsequent "aktions" in the East, especially certain camps.

    Glad to see Israel emulates and agrees to the legitimacy of the Aryan State.

    Might is right to both Israel and the Reich. Besides, Jews hid among their children, causing them to be killed. Like Jews themselves killed their kids at Masada. Every Jew could have survived if Adelson had built them bomb shelters instead of casionos.

    Also, Panzer tanks were right to blasts those indiscriminately throwing molotov cocktails.

    Israel uber alles!