Friday, April 24, 2015

Who Is Ready for Hillary Clinton?

Now that Hillary Clinton is in the thick of her second campaign to become President of the United States, I wanted to take a look at one of her fundraising groups that was raising funds well before she announced her candidacy.

The Ready for Hillary PAC has been a significant fundraiser for Hillary Clinton since early 2013 as shown on this Statement of Organization made to the Federal Election Commission:

By the middle of 2013, this single PAC had raised $1,253,943 as shown on this screen capture:

Here is a screen capture showing the quarterly, semi-annual and year-end receipts, disbursements and cash on hand for the Ready for Hillary PAC:

Here is a pie chart showing the sources of funds for the Ready for Hillary PAC over the past two years:

In total, over the past two years, Ready for Hillary has raised $12,913,434 with individual contributions totalling $4,437,909 with $3,167,482 being itemized contributions from 2780 donors and "other receipts" totalling $8,435,194 from 7953 donors.

Let's look at some of the largest individual, itemized contributions:

Here's a few names that you might recognize among the largest donors:

Marcy Carsey - television producer (That '70s Show, Roseanne, Cybill)

George Soros - Founder of Soros Fund Management and 19th wealthiest American

Robert Soros - Deputy Chair and President of Soros Fund Management

John Tyson - Chairman of the Board of Tyson Foods

Alice Walton - Heiress to the Walton Fortune and 8th wealthiest American

William Rudin - CEO of Rudin Management and member of 58th richest American family

Here is a look at the largest donors found under the "Other Receipts":

Among "Other Receipts" we find:

Warren Buffet - Second wealthiest American who needs no further explanation

Here is a pie chart showing what the Ready for Hillary PAC has spent its ample funds on:

Here are the largest expenditures to the end of 2014:

Windward Strategies, the largest recipient of Ready for Hillary spending thus far, is a "full service, direct response fundraising firm that specialized in comprehensive direct marketing services to leading non-profit, political organizations, national and state campaigns.".  Rising Tide Interactive is a "data-driven digital advertising agency with a personal approach and a history of winning results for our clients.".   Over the past two election cycles, Rising Tide Interactive  has helped Democrats win nine US Senate races and seven gubernatorial elections.  It is interesting to see that Ready For Hillary even accounts for travel by Uber and meals from 7-Eleven as shown on this form:

Once again, it is interesting to see how easy it is to raise a massive amount of money in American federal politics from the wealthiest among us.  What is even more interesting is to see that the Ready for Hillary PAC was able to raise nearly $13 million over a two year period and their preferred candidate hadn't even announced her candidacy.


  1. The Kocha are going to spend about $1trillion. $13 million is about 1% of that. Clinton better do much better than this!

  2. @David do you still think it matters if a Democrat or a Replican wins? Both sides are bought and paid for and niether would ever do anything to bite the hands that feed them.