Friday, August 7, 2015

Donald Trump and His Changing Political Affiliation

Just about everyone who pays any attention to the American political theatre (and even those who don't) are well aware of Donald Trump's entry into the race to become the Republican Presidential candidate.  What is less well known are how many times Donald Trump has changed political allegiances.

Here is a voter registration form from July 1987 where Mr. Trump declares himself to be a Republican:

Next up, we have a voter registration form from October 1999 when Mr. Trump switches allegiances and chooses the Independence Party as his political affiliation:

Then, two short years later, we have another change in August 2001 when Mr. Trump selects the Democratic Party as his political party of choice:

Eight years later, in September 2009, Donald Trump goes full circle, returning to the welcoming arms of the Republican Party:

On a voter registration form dated December 21, 2011, two years after his switch to the GOP, he switched his political allegiance to "I do not wish to enrol in a party":

And, last but not least, just over one year later, on April 19, 2012, he proclaims his return to the right side of the political spectrum:

With this background in mind, why would anyone be surprised that Donald Trump has clearly suggested that he will run as an independent if he isn't the choice of the Republican Party?  What is interesting to note is how his political donation patterns changed over the years, the subject of another posting.