Thursday, October 15, 2015

Terence Young, MP - Is This The Best That Stephen Harper Can Do?

Most likely you haven't heard of him since this is where he sits in the House of Commons:

...but Terence Young has represented Oakville as a Conservative Party Member since 2008.  He was acclaimed as the candidate for the Oakville riding in the 2015 election.

Now, let's listen to a few comments by Mr. Young:

It looks like we should all be afraid of the looming brothels and marijuana retail stores if Mr. Trudeau and his free-thinking Liberal Party cronies take over Canada on October 19th.

Apparently, Mr. Young has bought into the Harper campaign of fear and division.  Not to mention the lies.  Oh, the sweet, sweet lies that can be used to sway those undecided voters and solidify one's hold on the CPC base.

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