Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Global Warming - What If Scientists Are Right?

NASA's recent GISTEMP update (Goddard Institute for Space Studies Surface Temperature Analysis) update is, to say the least, an interesting one.  Here are the highlights.

The analysis by NASA shows that September 2016 was the warmest September in 136 years of modern record-keeping by a very narrow 0.004 degrees Celsius over the previous warmest September which occurred in 2014.  This means that 11 of the past 12 months have set new monthly high-temperature records.

Here is an interesting graphic showing seasonal temperatures with older years in blue and newer years in red:

The data used in the analysis is acquired from 6300 worldwide meteorological stations as well as instruments aboard ships and bouys and from Antarctic research stations.  Modern global temperature recordings began around 1880; prior to that, observations did not cover all of the globe.

Here is a graphic showing the land-ocean temperature index (LOTI) anomaly for the month of September:

Most of September's warmer temperatures occurred in the northern hemisphere.  

While there are strong emotions for both sides of the climate change discussion, there is one question that has to be asked, "What if climate scientists are right?".


  1. of course, your first graph is hard to deny, slowly totaling over 1C warming in a hundred years...and since current CO2 levels will be persistant for a thousand years, there's no turning back...

  2. Well there are some stupid people who think that the temperatures aren't rising. But I think most of the anti climate change thought process is yes its changing when has it ever stopped and no humans are not the reason why. My personal thoughts on the subject is that maybe a humans do have an influence but we are not taking things from outside of the world and bringing it in. So everything we do is part of a total balance. I think the earth is always in balance, CO2 has not shipped in from outside of earth it was always here.