Friday, March 20, 2020

COVID-19 and Medical Martial Law

On March 16, 2020, the French government of President Emanuel Macron decided to take very firm measures in its battle against the COVID-19 virus.  This measure follows the third phase March 14, 2020 announcement that all places that are open to the public and that are not deemed essential services (food shops, pharmacies, service stations, banks, press outlets and essential public services) be closed until further notice.  The most measure includes a prohibition on travel except in certain cases and requires residents of France to fill out a form that they must present to law enforcement if it is demanded.

Here is the announcement:

While the English language version of the announcement is interesting, the French version provides more details (using Google Translate):

"On March 16, 2020, the President of the Republic decided to take measures to minimize contact and travel. A containment system is in place throughout the territory from Tuesday, March 17 at 12:00 p.m., for a minimum of fifteen days. Travel is prohibited except in the following cases and only if you have a certificate for:

Move from home to work when telework is not possible;

Make essential purchases in authorized local shops;

Go to a health professional;

Travel for childcare or to help vulnerable people with the strict condition of respecting barrier gestures;

Exercise only on an individual basis, around the home and without any gathering.

The two documents necessary to circulate are available:

the individual certificate, to download by clicking here or to reproduce on free paper. It must be completed for each non-business trip;

the employer's certificate, to download by clicking here. It is valid for the duration of the containment measures and therefore does not have to be renewed every day.

Violations of these rules will be punished with a fine of 135 euros ($144 US). If in doubt about these travel restrictions, you can consult the questions and answers by clicking here.

Be careful with your personal data, do not use digital media for your certificates. Only the official document of the Ministry of the Interior or a sworn statement on plain paper can be used as proof." (my bold)

Here is a copy of the personal certificate followed by its translation into English:

"In application of article 1 of the decree of March 16, 2020 regulating movement within the framework of the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus:

I, the undersigned)
Ms. / Mr. Born on:

- certify that my trip is related to the following reason (check the box) authorized by article 1 of the decree of March 16, 2020 regulating travel as part of the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus:

- travel between home and the place of exercise of the professional activity, when they are essential for the exercise of activities that cannot be organized in the form of telework (on permanent proof) or professional travel that cannot be deferred;

- trips to make essential purchases in authorized establishments (list on;

- travel for health reasons;

- travel for compelling family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable persons or childcare;

- short trips, close to home, related to the individual physical activity of the people, excluding any collective sporting practice, and the needs of pets."

According to an interview on Europe 1, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, the police deployed to enforce the lockdown have handed out 4095 tickets and that the government will be willing to extend the 15 day lockdown if necessary.  Here is a quote from the Castaner:

"Breaking the rules puts your family, friends and caregivers at risk. Some think they are modern heroes, but you are a fool when you break the rules. You put your family, friends, caregivers at risk. And you are a threat to yourself.  The first rule is to stay at home. This saves lives.

Something tells me that we are all the subjects of an unprecedented social experiment.  The recent moves by various governments around the world begs the question; how long will it be before the leaders of the "free world" impose similar and highly restrictive conditions on all of us for an indeterminate period of time?  By beating the drums of fear, the sheeple of the world are more easily cowed into relinquishing what little remains of their freedom.   

Addendum March 20, 2020

Well, that didn't take long.  Here is a screen capture showing California's response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

This stay-at-home order is in place "until further notice".  Not to worry though, you can still take your dog for a walk and Governor Newsomis only bringing in the California National Guard to ensure that  food is distributed because, in the governor's own words, "I don't behove the people of California need to be told through law enforcement that it's appropriate just to home isolate.".

Addendum 2 March 20, 2020

This story is evolving very quickly.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York just issued an executive order demanding that all non-essential workers are to work from home:

...and that all 70 plus year olds are to remain indoors although, like the family dog, are allowed to go outside for a solitary walk and must take the temperature of any of their visitors as shown here:

Enacting Matilda’s Law (which is cleverly named for the Governor's grandmother) to protect New Yorkers age 70+ and those with compromised immune systems:

- Remain indoors
- Can go outside for solitary exercise
- Pre-screen all visitors by taking their temperature
- Wear a mask in the company of others
- Stay at least 6 feet from others

- Do not take public transportation unless urgent and absolutely necessary

In case you didn't learn enough from my posting, here is the ceremonial signing of the PAUSE Executive Order:

I am hoping that you noticed that the some of the individuals sitting behind the table are not the recommended six feet apart, a glaring error that seems quite common in government press briefings.

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