Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Where are the Masks? Just Ask the United States Department of Defense

Repeatedly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we've heard about the shortage of protective masks, particularly in the United States. While it didn't make the mainstream media, here is an article from the Jerusalem Post that explains where at least one million surgical masks ended up:

Thankfully, the internet never forgets anything.  According to Electronic Intifada, the original  Jerusalem headline read "US Department of Defense give 1 million mask to IDF for coronavirus use" as shown here (without the opening graphic and for those of you that are not aware, the IDF stands for Israeli Defense Force, Israel's military):

You will notice that the first paragraph in the original report clearly states that the operation was run by the United States Department of Defense's Delegation of Procurement, a part of the paragraph that was omitted in what you will now find at the first link that I provided.

Here is a tweet that appeared on the Twitter feed of an Israeli military reporter at GLZ radio which is operated by the IDF, Tsahi Dabush:

Here are two the two pictures that appeared with the tweet showing the arrival of the masks and an opened box:

Here is how the article was covered on Iran's PressTV:

The odd thing but not terribly surprising thing is that when you search for the news item on Google, this is what you get on pages one and two of the search results:

You will notice that there was not a single mainstream American media outlet that has covered the story (so far).  I wonder why?

What is particularly ironic is that this was announced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Federal Emergency Management Agency on April 8, 2020:

The timing of the CBP/FEMA announcement does seem rather odd given the "donation" of more than one million surgical masks to Israel less than 24 hours earlier.

When Americans find themselves looking for masks to protect their families during the COVID-19 crisis, perhaps they should ask the Department of Defense what happened to the one million plus masks that they procured from China.


  1. Found a US report but I have no idea if it is MSM.

    The lack of US MSM reporting on this and many, many other international news stories that not look good on the administration (Republican or Democrat) is just normal. I certainly would not go there for anything like reliable news. It may be different for internal news.

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