Friday, June 19, 2020

Washington's Latest Aid to Ukraine

Here is a recent press release from the United States Department of Defense:


Thanks to American taxpayers, under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), the Department of Defense is supplying Ukraine's government with $250 million in fiscal year 2020 to train and equip Ukraine so that the nation can "...more effectively defend itself against Russian aggression".  


The USAI funding includes funds for improving Ukraine's defensive lethal capabilities on water and in the air through the use of air surveillance systems as well as through the provision of counter-artillery radars and tactical equipment that will ensure the survivability of Ukraine's Land and Special Operations Forces.  In addition, the United States will offer cyber defense and strategic communications to counter Russia's use of both cyber offensive operations and misinformation.  On top of this, America's NATO allies and parents are offering increased security support.


While it got relatively little coverage, in June 2019, the DoD announced the following:


Some of the military aid that was offered to Ukraine since the 2014 uprising included the development of a "mosquito navy" to defend Ukrainian ships from Russian aggression in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea as shown here:


...and funds to allow Ukraine to purchase new anti-ship missiles as shown here:



In case you were not aware, the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) is a Defense Department-funded security assistance program created by Congress in fiscal 2016 under the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act.


It is interesting to note that, according to S.2537 "Ukraine Foreign Assistance Integrity and Accountability Act of 2019":


"...It is the sense of Congress that the Government of the Russian Federation has applied, and continues to apply traditional uses of force, intelligence operations, cyberattacks, and influence campaigns, including through the use of corruption, disinformation, and cultural and social influence, which represent clear and present threats to the countries of Europe and Eurasia..."


...and furthermore:


"...It is the sense of the Senate that security assistance provided to the country of Ukraine is in the vital national security interests of the United States and is a critical component of United States efforts to counter aggression and malign influence on the part of the Government of the Russian Federation..."

In total, since 2016, American taxpayers have generously donated a total of $1.75 billion to aid Ukraine in its battle to counter Russia's "influence" in its affairs and to keep the Cold War Part II alive.

It's certainly reassuring to see that, unlike Moscow, Washington doesn't interfere in the affairs of other nations.


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  1. Well, if we look on the bright side of things from the US point of view, with Yanakovich and Poroshenko gone and Zelensky more or less in charge there may be chance that the entire $250 million won't be stolen.

    Those two 30+ year-old cutters will be a boon to someone, possibly senior officials who like fishing? I suppose there might be someone, Somali pirates perhaps to whom they could flog them.

    It's certainly reassuring to see that, unlike Moscow, Washington doesn't interfere in the affairs of other nations.

    Well, the ships in particular could cause Russian navel officers to injure themselves laughing.