Monday, November 2, 2020

Syria and How Washington Has Become the Global Dictator

While the rest of the world is distracting with all things COVID, one would like to think that the 116th Congress is focussing on what really matters but apparently such is not the case as you will see in this posting.


The multi-year war in Syria has basically ground to a halt with its main goal, that of deposing Bashar al-Assad, unachieved thanks, in part, to Russia's unwavering support of one of its key allies in the Middle East.  That said, the United States, a nation that was not invited to the war, has not given up trying to achieve their goal in Syria, particularly in light of the fact that nations around the world are attempting to normalize relations with Bashar al-Assad.

Here is a map showing the current "on-the-ground" situation in Syria, clearly demonstrating that Bashar al-Assad and his allies have recaptured most of the nation:


On October 26, 2020, members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  The letter opens with the observation that Bashar al-Assad is "unrepentant" in his brutality, an observation which is rather ironic given Washington's unwavering support of its two best friends in the Middle East; Saudi Arabia's Royal Family and the ongoing conflict in Yemen which has killed thousands of innocent civilians and Israel's treatment of its Palestinian neighbours.  


Congress makes it quite clear that it has repeatedly set the standard for Syria's behaviour because, after all, Washington is the "collective police force" for the entire world:

"The regime must: cease the bombing of civilian areas and infrastructure; release political prisoners and allow for the safe and voluntary return of refugees and displaced persons; cease its support for terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad; cease research, development, and acquisition of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and ballistic missile technology; and allow full, unfettered access to the United Nations and other international observers to verify such activities have indeed ceased."

In the letter, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs also notes the following and ensures that it also condemns both Russia and Iran:


"The regime and its allies, Russia and Iran, are guilty of barbaric violence against the Syrian people. International organizations and human rights groups have documented the use of chemical weapons against civilians, indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure, deliberate use of siege tactics, and mass torture." (my bold)


Here's what concerns Congress:


"...we are alarmed by efforts of some in the Middle East and beyond to extend formal diplomatic recognition to the Assad regime."

...and the solution, according to the House of Representatives is as follows:

"...we urge the Department of State to continue to make clear—publicly and privately—to our allies and partners that the U.S. opposes any efforts to renew diplomatic ties with or extend formal diplomatic recognition to the Assad regime."


In case you are interested, here is the letter in its entirety including the names of the Members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs that share these sentiments and have appointed themselves as a "global dictatorship" when it comes to how certain nations behave:

Apparently, Washington simply cannot admit that its efforts in Syria have come to naught and that Bashar al-Assad has not followed the examples of Muammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein.   


  1. Greetings A Political Junkie. I posted a comment years ago on one of your posts, but recently removed it because I no longer have the website that my comment was linked to.

    You are quite the researcher and writer. I, too, enjoy reading and writing. I operated the website "Consciousness Shift Resources", for many years, however I decided to close it last year.

    I had created a blogger blog for the website many years ago. Then just recently I removed the old postings and posted an article regarding what I'd like to see this world become. Please read it if you have time. And keep on blogging ^_^

    1. Thanks for your comment and for sticking with me. I will take a look at your blog and encourage you to keep blogging too!

  2. I couldn't even finish reading the Congressional statement. Compliance is impossible because it is based on falsehoods, 'stop beating your wife!'. Our Congressional reps are haughty sociopaths.
    1. Let's assume Assad used Sarin at Sheykoun and chlorine at Douma, those events were over 2yrs ago and he hosts inspectors doesn't he.
    2. Nuclear weapons, are these guys drug addled? There is ZERO evidence for that. Syria doesn't even have a reactor.
    3. I very much doubt that Assad supports Hamas and Islamic Jihad since they fought w/the rebels to overthrow him.
    These guys just write whatever the FDD says to fill out their villain narrative. They don't actually care about people.