Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Biderman Chart of Coercion: A Roadmap for Government Coercion During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Back in 1956, Dr. Alfred D. Biderman created a report that was delivered on November 13, 1956 to a combined meeting of the Section on Neurology and Psychiatry with the New York Neurological Society.  The presentation was part of a panel discussion on the Communist Methods of Interrogation and Indoctrination and covers the brainwashing techniques use by the North Koreans and Chinese on captured American pilots.

Here is the title page of what has become known as the Biderman Report which, coincidentally appears on the National Institutes for Health website:


Here is a chart (known as the Biderman Chart of Coercion) from the report showing the coercive methods used by the Communists for "eliciting individual compliance":


I'm wondering if any of my readers would happen to think that some of these techniques sound familiar?


Let's look at each of the techniques in turn and summarize the methods being used by governments around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic:


1.) Isolation - social distancing, physical distancing, quarantines at home and in other facilities, semi-isolation from elderly family members, lack of physical contact with loved ones, lack of ability to attend funerals and weddings.


2.) Monopolization of Perception - general restriction of all movement, prevent social gatherings including church, meetings, sporting events, concerts, complete control of the mainstream media and its coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.


3.) Induced Debilitation/Exhaustion - stay-at-home orders, exercising and socializing is banned, exposed to 24 hour a day, 7 day a week negative media coverage.


4.) Threats - threats of fines and or imprisonment for breached emergency order laws, threaten to close businesses, threaten shuttering of all travel, threaten mandatory vaccines, heavy-handed use of police to enforce laws created under Emergency Orders.


5.) Occasional Indulgences - some intermittent reopening of stores and restaurants under strict rules including social distancing/capacities, increase the number of people that are allowed to meet in homes, churches, long-term care centres, allow small weddings and funerals.


6.) Demonstrating "Omnipotence" and "Omniscience" - force dependency on government handouts because of massive unemployment levels related to shuttering of the economy, develop surveillance techniques to ensure that social distancing and quarantining rules are being adhered to, float trial balloons about the need for a government-mandated Universal Basic Income, use of social media to ensure that only the pro-vaccine narrative receives coverage while all other theories are considered "fake news".


7.) Degradation - humiliate people who refuse to wear masks, social distance or accept vaccination, force people to walk in a certain direction in public places and stand in certain places when eating in line, force people to wait in line to access goods and services.


8.) Enforcing Trivial Demands - family members must not be in close contact with each other, suggestions like wearing a mask or using glory holes while having sex, force people to wear masks while in their own home while at the same time government officials don't obey their own proclamations.


It's very clear that governments, intentionally or unintentionally, are following every aspect of the Biderman Chart of Coercion during the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to control our every behaviour and force us to become willing automatons who cannot think for ourselves while those who are "in charge" cherry pick the rules that they wish to follow because, after all, they are both omnipotent and omniscient.


  1. More clear than that I never red a stuff about what happen now in the whole world. The big question is how to organise the resistance and opposition to all these absurdities.


  2. Well done! Thank you. Just found you June 14, 2023 doing research for my Philosophy of Responsible Freedom, Session 33:What is Brainwashing, here for details https://responsiblyfree.substack.com/p/the-philosophy-of-responsible-freedom